Buy silver before it’s too late

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    Invest in that which cannot be printed! Silver fits that bill which unlike Gold is slow to take off, but when it does rockets higher on hyper FOMO!”


    Current Gold Silver ratio is over 86:1

    Buy physical, forget futures. USD and all other currencies are in deep shit, inflation has just started to show its ugly face, protect your future from mega inflation trend.
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    Your knowledge of the market, matches perfectly with your political views.

    An absolute, fool.
  3. What would it make you if you were to come back here in a year or two and silver was above $50?
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    Most likely, you made this post/thread, just to pretend that you're into markets, while in reality, you're being paid, to write those pro-rus nonsenses all day long.

    p.s you edited your initial post (#1)
    There was at least 2 signs that you have a zero clue.
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    PuPu the paid pundit. But apparently not even at minimum wage.
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  7. wasting your own time fella, you have 0 evidence to prove any your drivel.
  8. Not jooning the hate but we live in a dollar liquidity crunch environment, not the best time for silver/gold. Govs and entities around the world need what? Dollars.
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    I'm HODLing a bit in SLV (C. Spreads & equity) and Silver coins but the monthly chart looks like it might drop to the 19 area on futures.
    Gold will likely dictate the turning area though.

    Silver.Monthly.May.2022.png Gold.Monthly.May.2022.png
  10. Silver been a giant baghold for a decade
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