^BVSP (BRAZIL) up 117%+ since March, about 14% from fresh highs.

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    Amazing, as long as commodities continue their run this market will make continuous new highs, however the higher it goes without any meaningful pullback the worse the drop will be when everything does turn over. As quick this can run to 100,000 it could drop to 10000 10000000X as fast.

    This is 2007 all over again, nothing has changed.....


    (Sao Paolo: ^BVSP)
    Index Value: 64,071.01
    Trade Time: Oct 9
    Change: 0.00 (0.00%)
    Prev Close: 64,071.0117
    Open: 63,771.5195
    Day's Range: 63,493.12 - 64,177.01
    52wk Range: 29,435.00 - 64,177.01