By day trading, is it really impossible to get a 3% return every day without fail?

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    So assuming you had $100 and got a 3% return everyday on your portfolio (excluding the transaction/brokerage fees), if you did that 100 times in a row for each possible business day (so guessing maybe about close to half a year) you would have $1921.86 at the end of it ...which is more than 19 times the original amount. I know its crazy (and not feasible in real life) but that just boggles my mind.
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    You've answered your own question.
  3. According to institutional research I did years ago.... The research included all investing disciplines... stocks, bonds, hedge funds, futures, options, etc.

    1. Put "all of your money" in play (including all of your mother's money... :). No, you can't "risk 5% of your capital while parking 95% in T-Bills. You can take all kinds of aggressive risks with 5%... risks you wouldn't take with "all of it".)

    2. Average 30%/yr for 10 years.

    3. You will rank in the top 0.1% of all of us players.

    (I don't recall what percentage averaged 20%/yr for 10 years, but I'm still of the view 20% is good work.)
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  4. 3% everyday...theoretically, it's possible with options because the range is there.
    But "without fail"...there's always risk in the market. :confused:

    (you can't have reward without one can walk on water or fly.)
    3% is actually a very modest request with options can make much more than that if you want. -- you choose your own risk/reward levels in the marketplace.
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    Welcome to compounded interest... You heard about the chessboard and rice?
  6. You have just scratched the wonder of what trading is all about.
    Now , add compound interests on this, and now you are getting to the real reason trading is a unique and fabulous thing.

    Now the huge question is : 100 days in a row. Aka a winning streak of 100.
    I have yet to see a trader who after a winnin streak of say 40 days in a row, stick "easily" to
    3% a day.
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    X% return every day without fail?

    Every day...., with out fail - is problematic (human-ness.., low activity times)

    Most days - assuming instrument moves are adequate - it solely on the trader to produce

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    April already?
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  9. Just look at the evidence. Don't listen to anonymous claims. Ask yoyrself how many businessmen started with modest means but are now wealthy? Then ask, how many at home traders are wealthy from trading?

    That answers your question.

    Its time to wake up from fantasy that has zero support in reality. Remember, the market is a huge marketing machine and there are many stealth vendors here trying to keep the fantasy alive yet don't even have the coin to be sponsors. Get the joke!

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  10. Just Xmas and New Year possible goals exploration. :)
    Now, the thread is useful in that I am realising tha sometimes, some traders just work
    too hard : aim for 3%, and compound. Now the hic is : the losing streaks effects on these.
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