Bye bye, everybody!

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  1. thecoder


    Ok folks,

    I just have decided that I no longer will be a member here at ET,
    because of the unfair censorships lately.

    If I continue here, then I surely will be banned by finding a minuscule reason by this unfair moderator.
    So, before that happens then I better leave on my own.

    So long, and thanks for all the fish! :)

    Bye bye everybody
  2. tango29


    If you find other value here why go with the drama statement and just hang out and post what you want that abides by the rules. Rarely does everyone like all the rules, but you don't run the site, so just abide by the posting rules and enjoy. Sure there is a lot of garbage(quite a bit posted by yours truly over the years), but also a lot of great information, and entertainment.
  3. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    He comes on here and posts the most racist statements like... "blah blah blah see what crap this Jewman donkey writes at the above link"

    And then he posts... "I think all of the critics of Trump seem to be Jews"

    Then after we received complaints about his posts, we warned him and then he responded by altering his claim to be "it's mostly Jews who criticize Trump".

    I then asked him to back up his statement with factual data from an unbiased third party such as a university study or something of that nature that compares the negativity between races and confirms what he's claiming.

    Of course, no such data exists so then he cries on this thread that he's being censored and we as moderators are being unfair.

    Give me a break. I'm not Jewish and I'm not even a political person. I don't care whether it's Trump, Obama, Biden, or any other public figure. The fact of the matter is that those statements are just made-up racist crap with no factual basis.
  4. virtusa


    good riddance
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  5. maxinger


    bye-bye, @thecoder.
    All the best, Mister.

    before you go ....

    are you a
    American (you seem to talk a lot about American things)?

    we are not hackers like Julian Assange, a highly skilled hacker.
    so we don't know who you are.
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  6. Pekelo


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  7. tango29


    Nevermind my previous post, I didn't know he was a complete ass hat. I have no time for that B.S.
    Good riddance!
  8. deaddog


    Don't let the door hit you in the ass.:rolleyes:
  9. Overnight


    I pegged the guy as Chinese, but he must have been European.

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  10. virtusa


    Chinese I think.
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