Call it - 3 months from now

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in 3 months we will be

  1. above

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  2. below

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  1. [​IMG]

    Above or below this line?
  2. obviously below
    once paulson and PPT hold the markets long enough so financials can dilute shareholders to nothing they won't need to hold up the markets any more
  3. 2 to 7 so far. What does that mean? :cool:
  4. dsq


    who cares?what are you going to trade in the meanwhile?...are u shorting rallies or buying dips in the next few weeks...threads with vague targets and ridiculous timeframes have no merit.
  5. ttt

  6. Buy Dips, it's a know brainer.
  7. Below
  8. In three months, this will be in chit chat :)
  9. Months? Three months? You're exercising good restraint today. :cool:
  10. JOEY O

    JOEY O

    hellllllo 10700. going to drop
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