Can anyone teach me trading?

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  1. Hi
    Not sure if I'm posting in right forum. I am a newbie to trading. Am into scalping nasdaq. I'm looking for someone to be my trading buddy or mentor. Am based in Central London. Please get in touch.
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    Fwiw, i dont think this is the best approach to take on starting trading, if continuing that path it will guarantee you a long, expensive and painful journey. There about 10 to 1, people that want to sell you something, and 9.9 of those 10 have no business providing any educational material to you at all at best, so continuing this path, you are hoping to find by luck, this 0.1 of the 10 that have some kind value to you... i would not take a bet on that, would you ? ... i would propose you educate yourself as much as you can, so you are able to have a higher chance vetting out the snake oil, and then perhaps if you still feel the need for a mentor you are able to vet out something useful from the snake oil pit... what you need is learning money management first, and then after educating yourself, what you can learn from others at that point, is mostly ideas to bring into your own development of strategies, .... just my 2 cents if you are not profitable already and just starting out. Good luck
  3. Trading buddy...that's a laughable term. You have no buddies in this trading market world. It's essentially, just, you against the world.
    If someone cozies up to you, be wary of their intentions. Most likely they are in it to screw you, sell you a product or service to enrich themselves.
    If you need a friend, get a dog.

    You have to develop your own understanding, approach, perspective, wisdom and tactics. 99.4% of the so-called trading information, gurus, experts, subscriptions, courses, education out there are basically complete bs and nonsense that won't deliver to you actual trading money profits in the real world.

    No offense, but if a new trader, or prospective trader, asks for help ...there's a high probability they will never make it as a successful trader.
    The bests traders have this inner curiosity, desire, fire flame, similar to the people who were working on and discovered the atom bomb and fusion.
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    Between 9K to 12K per year for his services? AHAHH!

    Yep. Best investment someone new to trading will ever find!

    OP, just learn it yourself. The only person who can teach yourself how to trade is you. All these other charlatans can provide only guidance. And you do not need to spend upwards of 12K per year to learn THAT.
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    You could read his three books.
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    No thank you. Recommend them to the OP if you think they would help him. Unless they cost 9K a piece.
  8. We know someone who can teach the Op how to trade NG? :)
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    That would be James Cordier.

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    There is an abundance of material on the internet and tons of You Tube videos on stocktrading and investing. Now, you get all of it free. When I started trying to learn about trading, I had to pay a lot of monies for software, manuals, DVDs, books and most that information is now available to you. Most of the so called gurus are not "real" gurus. Imagine, if you are a top trader who can make lots of monies and manage your own hedge fund, why the hell would you even coach or mentor someone for a few thousand dollars? Hell, you would be making hundreds of millions or billions for that matter just trading your own hedge fund. Those that teach and charge you thousands are suspect for the simple reason, if they are such great traders they make themselves out to be, why are they teaching students how to trade, instead of trading their own accounts and making millions more monies? Does that even make any sense?
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