Can anyone teach me trading?

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  1. Bree98


    Agreed bro! Youtube is filled with genuine videos, searching for the specific topics is really helpful. I still do that along with trading. Learning is never ending process.
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  2. Leob


    OK... I can't teach you but I can put you in a good square A position.
    1. Order flow
    2. Price Action.
    Those are your building blocks.
    Good luck!!!
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  3. padutrader


    everybody searches for someone to teach need .......

    trading is so simple it is below the normal person's intelligence......95% lose because they are using their intelligence and analytical powers.

    unlearn everything you have been taught.
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  4. Joculator


    I don’t know why people look for mentors when there's already a lot of information available online. How would you know that the mentor you’ve chosen is right for you? That you are not wasting your money with them? I feel it’s like wasting your time to find a mentor to teach you things which you can directly find if you do a bit of research.
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  5. deaddog


    A good mentor will point you in the right direction. Maybe save you some time and money in your learning experience.
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  6. MACD


    @padutrader -- BRILLANT ADVICE
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  7. The problem is that there's an abundance of (poor) information. It's very hard for someone who's new and inexperienced to know where to look.

    And for sure - that relates to mentors, too. I'd say most who offer that up and at least the ones who take $$$ to do it will not lead you to the promised land.
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  8. Buy1Sell2


    No---no they aren't---Prudent Risk Management techniques are.
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  9. Overnight


    Ahh geez, here comes PRM again. *Throws snowballs at B1S2*
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  10. Rather than looking for a mentor, I think you should try to find a good trading course. There are many online courses which include webinars, live classes with professional traders and life-time access to the course. The benefit of choosing a course over a mentor is that you also get educational material and it’s cheaper.
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