Can anyone teach me trading?

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  1. I was listening to Michael Bolton....Love is a Wonderful Thing, prior to watching that video of James Cordier. Talk about a Complete 180 in overall mood and tone.

    I listen to a lot of 80's love songs while sitting, watching, staring, observing, trading. I'm practically Christian Bale in American Psycho.
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  2. deaddog


    What do you expect from a trading buddy or mentor?
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  3. Overnight


    Indeed. Think about how the REAL Micheal Boltons of the world feel.

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  4. taowave


    FWIW,Minervi is the real deal.He has won the US investing Championship and his students place really high.

    I can't remember his first name,but Mark Ritchies ( CRT founder) son trained witn Minervini and also has nothing but great things to say about Mark

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  5. Overnight


    A. What YEAR did he win that championship? How long ago?

    B. Is what he teaches worth 9K to 12K per year?

    C. Will spending 9K to 12K per year on his courses make a newbie trader a profitable one? That is a LOT of money.

    These are simple questions.
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  6. greejan


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  7. deaddog


    As far as I know he is leading this years contest. You can google it.
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  8. Overnight


    Yep, found it. What a fucking genius. Just long any stock ever and you are golden.

    Brilliant. We don't need to pay 12K per year to know this. Long anything in a bull market and you are a millionaire.

    Buy after a 30% drop and you are so wealthy you just burn the money in yer fireplace.

    Sorry man. If the guy is so wealthy, why is he charging 12K per year for a buy and hold strategy?
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    How the hell do I know? Probably to discourage pikers. He also gets paid to write books. Thing is with the investing championship you have to put up your own money , so the guy is the real deal.

    From what I gather he has fairly tight risk control so I wouldn't consider him buy and hold.

    A student of Bill O'Neil's; canslim with a twist. I've read one of his books and the theory is doable. It's kind of what I do but my results are nowhere close.
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  10. Overnight


    You have to put up your own money in a poker tournament as well. Putting up own money means nothing, because everyone in the competition is putting up their own money.

    Just like real life. We all are putting up our own money when we trade. Big deal. Means nothing.

    Sorry Snoopy, I ain't giving him a pass. He got lucky.
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