Can anyone teach me trading?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Mediterranean_star, Sep 3, 2021.

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    Gotta admit he has had a pretty long lucky streak. At any rate I didn't expect you to change what you're doing now. Why change what's working.
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    That text in blue, man, that story.
    (don't know how true it is, but say it is)

    To sit next to a guy like that, with coffee, exchanging stories about struggle ect, while looking at the horizon.

    And then like :

    ,, Yeah... (deep breath) ''

    & Continuing conversation about future conquests.

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    "The leader in the $1,000,000+ stock division after six months is Mark Minervini, + 223.4%."

    Appears to be a bit more to his trading than "long any stock". :)
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    Green is not your color:)

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    Help me out...

    Which Market Wizards were you in???

    Your logic matches your ability to run a simple Google search

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  8. Hi, if you call yourself a newbie don't do scalping, that is a field for more experienced traders. Many have said that is almost impossible to be profitable doing scalping in the long run, so don't bind yourself to failure.

    Unfortunately there are many "mentors" out there that will be keen to get your money. As an example you have been introduced that guy "Minervi". Think about what he is doing before giving away your money.
    Traders that run a trading room do it for one reason only, they know that after they send their trades they will have every single one in that room doing the same, forcing a small trading pool, hoping to push the price into that direction they entered in the first place. You would love everyone to do exactly the same you do, right after you do it, so you are the first in the queue. You can find the same technique in "copy trading", just another form of trading pools.

    You will be much better asking for reading materials on the usual topics that are related to trading. As you have been told already you can teach yourself if you have the right discipline. Here in this forum, the guys are great at giving advise on many topics, so you are much better asking or searching for anything you would like to learn.

    If they are making fun of your post is because you are asking the wrong questions in the first place.

    I am based in London as well if you need anything.
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  9. %%
    Exactly but mom market always OVERCHARGES on NQ lessons;
    SPXL is the same way.
    SPY, with one share is about right/invest that + try to trade more profits than SPY makes . QUIT trading when ever cant beat benchmark.
    Actually i'Ve discover somethimg i'm in + hasnt beaten benchmarkSPY lately/ looking for good way to get out in SEPT. WE can be a part time trading/inVesting buddy, here on elitetrader.. Tally HO.:caution::caution::caution::caution::caution::caution:,:caution::caution::caution::caution:
    Sorry scalping seldom works ;
    Bright Daytrading may do abit, but they want to loan you firms capital if you qualify +i dont/too slow to even apply:D:D
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    Could spend invest that on books+ charts;
    better to start smaller + free library cards may help.....................................................
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