Can you plz share your most profitable strategy trading options

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  1. sukhen


    Can you plz share your most profitable strategy trading options... been losing but love to trade options. Simple/Complex/Algo whatever... TIA
  2. gaussian


    I like to trade options that make me money. I avoid trading ones that don't. It's been fairly profitable, but the trick is finding the ones that make me money. I do that by first finding the ones that don't make me money, and then stop trading those.
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  3. You would be better off just DMing people and asking them to deposit 1mil in your account.
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  4. traider


    Convexity is king
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  5. El Trado

    El Trado

    I buy low and sell high. Has been profitable so far
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  6. Pkay


    Can be even more profitable if you buy lower and sell even higher..
  7. Not bad. However, those in the know always buy at the bottom and always sell at the top!

    Seriously, to answer the OPs question, let me start with an analogy: Let’s say you wish to create a gourmet meal for your friends, but you have no experience. You are provided with quality food and spices, all the dishes and utensils, and a natural gas stove and cooking book. Would you feel confident you could create a gourmet meal on your first try? On the second try? How about years of practice?

    Almost anyone can make a living by going to cooking school or otherwise learning the craft. In trading, very few retail traders are able to earn a living, including quite a few who spend a lifetime trying.

    I can vomit out a bunch of trading strategies for you, but without the judgement that comes from experience, you will still lose money. Traders can use the same trading strategy profitably by using it in a different way. For example, a momentum seeking breakout trader is either looking to enter on or anticpate momentum, while another trader is looking to fade momentum. The difference is trade selection and timing, where the momentum trader is likely to be more active early in the session and the fader is more likely to be active later in the session.

    Trading is hard work through studying charts, learning the motivations of the various market participants, understanding the business side of finance, maintaining discipline and proper money management, and being adequately funded if the your goal is to try to be compensated for all the time and lost money will end up putting in.

    Short term trading can be very counterintuitive, presenting a steep learning that most never climb.

    Unless you are utterly passionate about the market and totally committed to learning this profession, you are best to avoid short term trading and invest into an ETF. Odds are, you’ll outperfom 90 to 95% of new retail traders.
  8. If it's an option, best trading strategy would be to trade in your current spouse for someone with generational wealth. Looks will is forever.
  9. When ^VIX is decade high (2008, 2020 etc), buy naked put options 30% out on just anything.
  10. Ayn Rand

    Ayn Rand

    You need to provide more information to get a thoughtful answer.

    What trades did you make so far? Why did you make them? What do you think went wrong? The more detail the better.

    As a start I would just pick one asset and trade options on that asset. Of course you will ask which?

    I prefer stocks with high trade volume and above average volatility.
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