Can you plz share your most profitable strategy trading options

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  1. You mean SELL naked puts when they are trading at all-time highs. Your suggestion would have lost a fortune.
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  2. Elite has so many good posts and threads to study I find it odd you wanted to liven things up by asking some of the most guarded people to openly share things that costed them blood, sweat and tears for free. After reading your prior posts its obvious your just trolling everyone. No rational trader who has been messing with the Markets as long as you would ask such a insulting question unless its just to punk these pros.
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  3. If I was a stock broker and I could sell options, that would be my most profitable strategy, to sell options and to make the profit on the spreads that are much higher than most other equities.
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  5. Can I assume that your post is in response to my post just above where I say that the money to be made is in selling options, not buying them? I have to admit that I don't know a lot about market making and I'm not looking for new trading ideas, but it certainly is interesting. I recently changed my commission structure at IB to tiered pricing, where you get a rebate to add liquidity to the market. When I add liquidity like that, am I essentially acting as a market maker?
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  6. xandman


    100% of options expire worthless.

    Almost half become underlying shares.
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  7. JSOP


    Can you plz share your most profitable strategy trading options´╝č

    -No!! Because you can find it on your own. Good luck!!
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  8. Sam, its a bad idea to try to make the spread on options because the algos and HFTS are too fast to compete with. Playing the spread with options is dangerous, I wish the the best of luck if your gonna try to.
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    Why wish good luck?
    He'll then beat your ass, that would be a bummer, wish him bad luck! :)
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    That's ok. I have plenty to be profitable. :)
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