Canadian housing bubble thread

Discussion in 'Economics' started by m22au, Apr 11, 2017.

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  2. A cash buyer will need 700k if the average house drops 30%. You think the avg house is really worth it?
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    Well since real estate is -location, location, location; +the median price nice home in TN[USa] is less than $275,000 + some citys, a lot less, NO. TN is like TX, FLA......, no state income tax. Looks like great time to sell+ move away from canada .:D:DLOL
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    Sorry we don't take refugees or illegals from Canada.:D
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  5. I did, moved to south florida ;) Easy with advance degree's and money. But then again it's better to be retired snowbird :cool: BTW ironchef neither countries allow criminals, just saying, don't get your apron on the wrong way bunched up between your cheeks
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    The last line , Lylec305,of that article notes '' is cooling off, no one knows why ''
    LOL-LOL.Easy to see why ; its way overpriced.Same reason $150 oil did not keep going UP LOL
    PS Nova Scotia Bank Pres called it ''overheated '' Ya think ?? LOLWow they talking tariffs... on buyers , now, more taxes to curb specs. I saw somewhere average ''detached home is 1.6 million'':cool::caution:
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  7. I've seen 1.6 million average homes in Vancouver. Mostly Chinese buying passports and children's future in a stable country. But Trump is opening up investor visa, guess where they're moving to. It's already started.
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    Cool fish/home, not $1.6 million cool; but it takes all kinds to make a market. Strange,even the Nova Scotia bank President named that market ''overheated '':cool:
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    You seem obsessed with real estate "bubbles". Which leads me to the conclusion that you must be a long term renter, and there is some degree of resentment or regret driving your motivation to post these threads.

    Here's an interesting exercise. On May 2010, you declared a bubble in Australia and focused I believe on two major cities. Why don't you calculate the % appreciation or depreciation in value of the average home in those two cities from May 2010 to July 2017. Now look at that number and ask yourself, why did you declare a bubble at the previous value ?

    You are reminding me of the idiots on here that forecast the SPX to retouch 666 at any number of levels on the way up to almost 2500. Some may have bumped up their target to 800 or 900, but same idea. Imagine the sheer amount of money and energy they must have spent denying the trend and trading on their emotions.

    I see short term traders talking about real estate like it's a stock and people are supposedly flipping in and out like stocks. I guess it's all they know.
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