Canadians using CMEG, hows sht locates compared...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by excrypto, Oct 5, 2021.

  1. excrypto


    Canadians using CMEG, hows sht locates compared to IB on low floats?
    Other than Trade zero, which now wont allow new canadian customers for now, what other options do we have. A lot of LFs arent available for sht sale on IB. Thx.
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    What a complex Canadian English.

    It must be some form of advanced English.

    Perhaps it was written by telex operator.

    I guess only Canadians can comprehend such advanced complex English.

    Someone please translate it to simplified current day English.
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  3. deaddog


    We are a bilingual country, actually 3 if you count newfie, but I don't understand either.
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  4. Man CMEG has worst of locates even compared to IB, was with them couple of years back and still keep hearing the same story. You can try prop firms. The current one I trade with finally gives me good locates but not sure abt others as haven't live traded with them