Carving out a floor or a ceiling?

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Is the S and P carving out a floor here or a ceiling?

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  1. Buy1Sell2


    Is the S and P carving out a floor here or a ceiling?
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  2. Absolutely no one knows, right now. It's purely just for chatter and guessing and gambling and passing time and bragging and banter.
    No one gets rich attempting to be a Nostradamus. But you can get rich being a semi-Nostradamus in the right here and now, today.

    But to answer your question, if I had to choose an option now,....I would say the market in the longer run will go Down/Flat, but not up.
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  3. smallfil


    Trend is still down. A bottom might be a long ways off. Got back into my short positions yesterday which is just right in time. Waiting on a rally to short a lot of these tech stocks. The options premiums are too high. A rally will drive those put option premiums to more reasonable levels.
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  4. %%
    TREND is still down.
    Long term, medium term, short term\one hour to close== still down.
    NOT a prediction+ not insured by any federal agency......................................
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  5. Handle123


    Economy hasn't really started a recession yet, still too many signs for hire.
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  6. MarkBrown


    so someone asked me when the sp was at 190 where could it go - i said 900 little did i know.

    now what do you think i think about this question lol.....
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  7. smallfil


    We can only react to the stockmarket. No way to know what it would do in advance. I got back in my short positions yesterday as my positions were showing strength the whole time the stockmarket was rallying. Today, I was proven right. Of course, tomorrow we could have another large rally. Who really knows?
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  8. Overnight


    I'd like your post, but you have me on /block. Oh well.
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  9. Wouldn't it be so EASY, if we could predict? Perhaps, that is why often people post these type of questions. In a survey no less.

    They want an answer that is "easy", but ironically, it is like asking the ground hog, when spring will come. The animal does not know, but we "ask", nevertheless. And it is not any more accurate if the entire colony of groundhogs "votes", either.

    There are many opportunities in this type of market and that is the take away for those who don't search for mono directional, nebulous time frames, easy answers.
  10. maxinger


    It has already carved out the floor and ceiling.
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