Catching the Big Fish

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    It pays to watch the NQ after-hours opening, because sometimes a
    big fish will make a run.

    Profit target = 100+ ticks

    #1 Hungry Fish/Best move: Within 2 minutes price action will run hard and fast momentum in one direction, WITHOUT any wick or back & forth price movement. This move is GOLDEN and money in the bank.

    #2 Hungry Fish testing your resolve/2nd Best move: Price will run hard and fast momentum, but will flutter back and forth, but within 2 minutes it makes it's directional move

    #3 Fish dead in the water: Price action opens slow without any sign of momentum. (Ignore this fish)

    Entry based on time and price action (2 minutes)
    Stoploss placed 50 ticks opposite running direction (Can be moved tighter if a #1 move)

    Make adjustment with your preferred time frame.

    Note: ES and YW may follow the same pattern when
    the Big fish is running on NQ.

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  2. maxinger


    NQ after hours - ie Asian and European sessions

    During the Asian session, NQ hardly move.
    It used to move by a decent amount when Trump was the president.
    During those times, there was a US/China trade war.
    So forget about trading NQ during the Asian session.

    NQ might move by a decent amount during the European session.
    But the movement tends to be smaller compared with during the
    US session.

    Catching the Big Fish

    Catching the Medium Fish
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