Central Banks Should Have The Monopoly on Control of Cash, Currency and Credit for The World

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    Central Banks Should Have The Monopoly on Control of Cash, Currency and Credit for The World.
  2. What a joke
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    make your point
  4. Centralize and fragilize....one big blow up
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    check out the video
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    "The Monopoly of Control" - already makes me feel a little sick...

    Do you know what I think?

    I think some crypto-currencies - the most well known and used ones - will survive all crisis; let it be corona or a long lasting economical drawdown.

    While central fiat paper money might not...

    BTC as example, is a currency that has a limit of coins: 21 million.

    Big advantage in comparison...
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    Back a few thousand years ago in the time of Adam and Eve they decided to invent a currency. Since there were only the two of them, they decided only $100000 needed to be created, and since they weren't schooled on that whole increasing population thing it seemed to make sense, $50K for each of them. So they had some kids, who inevitably must have slept with their siblings or parents to have more kids (yuck!) and soon there were 100000 people around. Now only $1 available for each person. That bag of flour that used to cost $5 now represents five times the average person's share of all money that exists! So what has to happen if we insist on the idiocy of limiting the amount of currency to an arbitrary amount like this? The bag of flour has to decrease more and more in price until it's only a fraction of a cent. We call that deflation. It's almost universally destructive to any economic system ever used. And it's inevitable under your plan.

    So if you propose that kind of thing without spending a good deal of time explaining why deflation is good, it almost certainly means you're hopelessly naive in the matters of economics and perhaps learning a little about the subject you're pontificating on would seem to be in order before continuing said pontification.
  8. deflation is good.. it happens during liquidation when people make poor investments on leverage .... the idea that we are increasing the money supply based on population growth is kind of moot as we created trillions of dollars just the other day.. and Historically commodity money like gold and silver has kept gov in check from stealing value through inflationary monetary policy from the people..