CFD limit sell order filling with Interactive Brokers

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  1. I am posting CFD bracket orders by the help of the IB API: buy at certain limit, sell at certain limit, sell after certain time. I sometimes get partially filled sell orders like Filled 157 / Working 128 (that has been "working" like that since Jan-18, I am trying to sell VCEL for 17.98 - admittedly Jan-18 was the last peak of it). Today I got Filled 1 / Working 87 (sell ATRA for 37.80).

    I thought that the CFD limit sell orders execute when the bid price reaches the limit. I must have missed something important about the CFDs and trading volume. I would be very grateful for being educated. Thanks in advance.

    I am using the paper account.
  2. Well, I reckon that if I bought 100 CFDs for USD 10.00 and entered an order to buy 1 with the bid brice USD 666.00, it would be kind of unfair towards the broker to ask the price difference for the remaining 99 CFDs before the real transactions are made.

    However, since trading on CFDs does not influence the real bid/ask volume of the underlying stock and the leverage offered for trading on the CFDs is larger, aren't they chronically squeezed like that? Shouldn't one expect to have the volume of CFD orders larger than the volume of actual trading most of the time?

    I mean the situation when Bob wants to buy 100 AAPL stock for bid price of 150.00 and Alice, Marge and Anne each have bought 300 AAPL CFDs earlier with limit sell orders for 149.00 in place. How frequent are these cases?
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    Can i ask you, something of topic, could you tell me why did you trade/practice CFD's in the first place ?

    Why not equities ?

  4. I started with stocks but wanted to experiment with CFDs, too. I am not a particular fan of the CFDs but I would like to understand how they work.
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    Im not sure how much you know already, but maybe this will provide you with new insights on CFD's ( ? ).

    Also, imho, there's are reason for CFD's being banned in US.