Chicago just approved one of the US's largest basic-income pilots: $500 monthly payments for 5,000 p

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    I know a lot of Puerto Ricans in K-Town of Chicago that will explain to you the shameful history in 32 states of America involving "coerced sterilization" programs as a means of controlling “undesirable” populations – immigrants, people of color, poor people, unmarried mothers, the disabled, the mentally ill.

    They may even school you about the history of another well-known person that became a big fan of it including reading about it in an American book on Eugenics to inspire him on what he needed to do next on his rise to power.

    Eugenics and Sterilization were popular in California and it inspired Nazi's belief in "purification".
    • His name is Adolf Hitler.
    He read a book by Eugene Fisher called Principles of Human Heredity and Race Hygiene while he (Hitler) was in prison. In fact, it inspired Hitler to write his own book called Mein Kampf, particularly towards the use of eugenics to "purify" an Aryan race.
    The above is a part of our ugly /shameful history. The fact that you're not in touch with it is probably why CRT is a big issue even though it's not being taught in schools considering I'm sure you were never educated about Adolf Hitler's strong belief in Eugenics and Sterilization...ideals he first learned from Americans.

    P.S. I learned about the above connection in secondary school in France in the few years I went to school there. I didn't learn anything about it in private Catholic school in America except who Adolf Hitler was, what he did against Jewish people (e.g. Holocaust) and what he did in the War.

    The fact that you needed to go there (e.g. sterilization of people) shows not only are you some fucked up human validates that there are scums out there like you still spreading your bullshit on social media and spreading the same bullshit to others in your community.

    Here's a funny fact just for you...the father of Adolf Hitler was born out of wedlock. Also, Maria Anna Schicklgruber (Adolf's mother) had eleven think had she been sterilized after the 1st would have saved the lives of 40,000,000 Jews and prevented WWII ???

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    I'd look at Boston for that, or technically I guess Waltham. Some of what they've put together is downright frightening! I think they're actually owned by Hyundai and SoftBank.
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    Throwing struggling dysfunctional low income people into jail is furthering the problem.
    Education, food, shelter, employment and pride in themselves and country is what's required.
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    Meant 4,000,00 (not 40,000,000) although it was revealed in November 1945, Hoettl testified for the prosecution in the Nuremberg trials of accused Nazi war criminals...
    • The number was closer to 6,000,000 murdered (slaughtered).
    By the end of WWII, Hitler had ordered the sterilization of 400,000 people. Jews, gypsies, Slavs, and Social Democrats were also targeted for segregation and "elimination".

    It's a common theme in America that shows up in our society and it has inspired people like Adolf Hitler...some stupid fuck will mention sterilization after seeing someone talking about social programs to help people to become better individuals for their country.

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    Hitler's mother was named Klara.
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    Correct...I just forgot to include in the prior correction that I was talking about Hitler's Grandmother that had a child out of wedlock...the child was Hitler's father.

    She's actually his paternal grandmother.

    Also, I think I incorrectly stated she had eleven children when I meant to say she was one of eleven siblings.

    I grew up for awhile in a rural area (surrounded by farms in South Dakota / Dutch). Its normal to have a lot of children...its traditional American values for rural living. In fact, I knew just as many people having babies out of wedlock in South Dakota as I did in the Chicago area.

    Yet, if the same people were to move to a city and have the same number of's frown upon and the parent is viewed as someone making a lot of babies for money.

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    I've actually thought about it and I think @CaptainObvious is actually on to something. I think anyone who spend more than 10 consecutive years paying zero income tax while taking advantage of public roads and sidewalks, police and fire protection, public education, a safe environment provided by a military....all payed for by my taxes AND who believes that those who don't contribute by using public resources should be sterilized should definitely themselves be sterilized. Even more so if they spent those 10 years not paying for their food or housing and instead either depending on someone else who was legally obligated to provide that or being provided that directly by a taxpayer funded entity. So @CaptainObvious, you spent the first 10 and probably 18 or more years of your life as one of these leeches on society (if you're even 18 yet) and you believe in forced sterilization for that type of're first up in the spay or neuter line!

    It would do us all a favor. Most Americans don't mind having a few more kids in the inner city but pretty much no-one likes being around hypocritical, pretentious, selfish pricks who mistakes all the things they received purely by mistake of birth as some kind of personal accomplishment.
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  8. Aren't we witty? Seems I struck a nerve offering a solution to a problem created and exacerbated by leftist policies. Let's discuss, you guys always say we must have this "conversation", right? But first some enlightening history.
    The liberals who loved eugenics - The Washington Post
    Liberals and Eugenics | American Enterprise Institute - AEI
    A simple search will reveal a long and storied history of leftist supporting population control, most all of it considerably more extreme than what I offered. Nowhere in my post did I suggest sterilization be based purely upon race, skin color, education or economic background as most of the liberal policies have advocated for. My suggestion was based on behavior, repeated behavior. Let's review.
    I suggested that far too many women and men are having children that they cannot support. First time, okay, anyone can make a mistake, a civil and humane society offers financial assistance to raise that child. No problem. Second child comes to the same person. Okay, a civil and humane society offers financial assistance to raise that child as well. The question now becomes, how many times will we continue to do this? Will we continue to incentivize this irresponsible behavior? We should not IMO.
    Apparently you think this terribly inhumane. May I ask how do you square up the humanity of abortion throughout every stage of pregnancy up to and including the birth of a child? Might I also ask how you rationalize the humanity of KNOWING that these children being born will most likely be abused, neglected, abandoned to the streets in the very early stages of their lives? They will be living a life most of us could not endure for a long weekend. You're okay with this, but horrified at sterilization?
    This is a problem that is growing, isn't going away, and we aren't doing these children any favors by continuing to incentivize this behavior. It is after all, "about the children", right? You have something other than some childish snarky insult, let's hear it. Something, anything, people are desperate.
    This evening I am going to a recovery center for drug and alcohol abuse. This one is near the southside of Chicago. Most of the residents will be people of color, damn near every one of them poor and uneducated. I will offer them some hope, some inspiration, some idea of a better life. Tomorrow I will go to another, they'll be mostly white. Saturday I will go to another with a woman that comes along, most of the patients will be women. I've been doing this week after fucking week, month after fucking month, year after fucking year, decade after fucking decade for better than 30 years. I see first hand the result of these leftist policies which create more and more poverty. Certainly this drug addiction has deeper roots than poverty, like big pharma basically becoming fucking drug cartel with Oxy and other prescription drugs, and a society that basically gives little more than lip service to providing anything other than a quick detox as a solution, but poverty damn sure exacerbates the issue.
    Now I know the left is desperate to build that base of voters. My question is how many lives will they ruin to build it? How long will you offer them your support?
    So again, if you have a solution other than throwing money at it and incentivizing the irresponsible behavior, I'm ready to hear it. If all you and the others have are threats and insults, save it, I got work to do in the trenches. What are you holier than though types doing tonight? Did you even take the time to read this far before formulating your response?
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    How about the following idea, instead of forced surgery on someone removing their right to choose to have kids?

    After the first 2-3 kids, all the child welfare stops, point blank. So if you choose to have 5 kids, the payouts halt at the oldest 2-3 kids.

    It would take a while, but that would surely show, over time, how many folks were having kids for the sake of getting free shit, rather than people who really did want the 5,6,8 kids and were not doing it for the money.

    This sort of thing just needs to stop...

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  10. Certainly better than what we're doing now. It would be a step in the right direction.
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