Chicago just approved one of the US's largest basic-income pilots: $500 monthly payments for 5,000 p

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  1. Finland did a successful program that did not lead to all the problem you mentioned. You make a lot trading, how come the $8 Trillion DOD budget over ten years is good while feeding the poor is bad?

    If Jesus came back he would be accused of being a Socialist or Venezuelan operative.
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    It should be done on the state or federal level if they're going to do it...what about the people in rural Appalachia who don't have a local business community to fund this sort of thing? Not that Chicago actually has the money, there was an earlier post showing how much outstanding debt the city has.
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    It's easy to paint someone with a gilded paintbrush after the fact, in hindsight.
    If Hitler had won the war, he would be portrayed as a benefactor.

    Take Kim Jong-un, he is seen through their people as a god, a mighty man, a huge hero, they worship him.
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  4. only in America.

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  5. The theory is that the root of all this crime is family insecurity. If you've ever raised kids, you can see how easy it is for them to go down the wrong path if parents are unavailable.
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    It is called being poor, and needing money to buy essentials. And not having a job. Some of those folks are dumpster divers.
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  7. Absolutely. Rich people commit different sorts of crimes, mostly related to getting richer. Poor people want to harm others because their life sucks.
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    I have raised 3 kids, and I agree family is extremely important. If the money helps, great, but in a lot of these families there isn't a consistent parent, and that is one of the main problems. I am not sure $500 gets parents to stick around and parent their children.
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    Here's a possible solution. When the EM tag machine goes off, and you see it is a flash mob of thievery, you activate the pod on their way out.

    A bit much?
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  10. My parents used to straight beat me when they had money problems. They would later on go to steal from me when I started earning money. I think reducing some money stress can help the kids.
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