China is Days From Collapse as a Massive Currency Intervention is Imminent

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    Its true if it's on YouTube, this website fucking sucks they let any rube make noise
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  3. Dream on! :)
    Long before China comes first Euroshaetistan, then Amerishaetistan.
  4. I hate YouTubers, and all social media website personalities.

    Their whole existence, purpose, is to constantly produce shocking clickbait content and they can enrich themselves by luring the basic-minded, dumb, sheep to produce ad revenue and product sales.
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    I wish the Chinese are stupid but they are damn smart. There are multiple considerations beyond the headlines, and their central bank started the depreciation cycle, primarily based on trade data. 7.5 is within the expectation.

    China’s CPI is under 3% and its capital account is walled off, any fluctuations of the currency by and large won’t affect the street people.

    While US is the largest importer, cheaper Yuan is going to widen the trade deficit further. I don’t think China worries about stronger dollar. Euro and Asian currencies are dropping like stones, offshore yuan needs to be inline of the depreciation of its second and the third largest trade blocks, hence came down 5% against the greenback can help firm up its exports, otherwise orderbooks will go to places like Vietnam.

    Lastly, BIS puts China’s offshore Yuan at around 500 billion CNY in 2016. China can easily sell 70 billion USD to buy every single penny of its offshore Yuan and drives up the exchange rate, out of 3.7 trillion of its foreign assets.

    But if I am a FX guy, I’d short GBP and Euro, Yen and Korean Won, much easier to manage.
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  7. Obvious click bait nonsense
  8. OK, I did not even watch the video (my time is money) but there are some REAL concerns over China, (their Real Estate, stocks (with the idiotic Mao like covid rules), ageing population and the World realization that they are not a reliable trading partner. Having said that; I think they are far from "collapsing". Vietnam is fast at their heals as manufacturing as well as other Asian countries. This is why they bully around trading routes and shipping in their back yard, the fuckers know it that they need us more than we need them.

    BTW this click bait BS should be under FX or kicked the fuck off...
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    China is Days From Collapse
    as a Massive Currency Intervention is Imminent


    China days from now will have tons of trading opportunities
    as a Massive Currency Intervention is Imminent

    for goodness sake, look at things from
    opportunistic not problematic viewpoint.

    You are using too many negative words.
    If you want to earn $$$, use more positive words.

    but members from should be interested in your video.