China May Soon Lead the U.S. in Tech

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    Let's increase equity-based math education and eliminate failing grades, that should fix the problem.
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  3. Doubt it. The advantage that the US has is that it attracts talent from all over the world--many who stay and build the future here. China is extremely homogenous and authoritarian, which means global talent won't flock there.
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    More like Un-Impressive Infographics.

    Averages are so meaningless.

    Take average temperature on a average day in an average America city. For instance my old home town, NYC today's historical average is a range of 44° - 31°. Temp right now is 49°

    Go figgah.

    "Fuzzy" math it is.
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    Well, we keep fighting over made up CRT nonsense and "school vouchers". Of course they'll eat our lunch
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    Yeah, not for much longer
  8. If we remove Mississippi I guarantee we get 10+ points.
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