China set for a hard landing

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    that article caught my eye as well
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    China will be fine. their economy is still growing. the bubble has not pop yet. the reason china's economy is still fine because they have ample foods, currency control, and the number of middle class is still small.
  3. There have been cnosistant prescription of dooms for China in the U.S. media and academia in the last 20 years, if not before that. None was materialized. China is above the head of U.S. brains, meaning top thinkers in U.S. Only things U.S. can do that have some effect is playing some gimiks of "human rights", supporting subversive forces of China, bitching about "unfair" this and "unfair" that. I guess if you are not really in control of the situation, you can always complain which gives an illusion or self-illusion you are in control. China is simply playing along, letting U.S. have the ego gratification for the time being LOL.
  4. It's only a matter of time before China falls down with a hard landing.
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    I agree. The question is when.
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    Of course this is a when question and not if.
  7. Something that might be a bit more useful would be recent images of such locations. Google Earth is hardly representative. For example, my neighborhood doesn't show up on Google Earth even though it's been there since 2008.
  8. Yah if there is an economic collapse, then China should immediately invade Taiwan, this will cause the entire chinese economy to boom up again due to the military demand. Also, at the last survey, 65% of Taiwanese support re-unification under the auspices of the Chinese communist party
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