Choice between Topstep and Oneup ?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Saxio, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Saxio


    Which one would you take and why ?
  2. FTDK



    Nice discount running currently, no additional rules after funded like OneUp, multiple platforms to pick from, EUREX available.

    I am going to start mine on Friday.
  3. LCK2000


    Between the 2 you asked, I'd go with OneUp. 1 step, no fees once funded (TST youll pay for data), if you hit your daily stop loss, with Topstep they bust you automatically. With OneUp you just are locked out for the day and can continue the next. Slightly better pricing also.

    If you go with TopStep, I have a 20% off your first month link if you are a new user of theirs. I don't think I'm allowed to post it since its kind of like advertising, just send me a message if you want it.
  4. from reviews from other websites, it seems speeduptrader is a shady operation:

    they only have a handful of platforms available for free during eval. ninja, one of the popular platforms, is not available unless you have your own license.
  5. FTDK


    There are shady reviews for all these companies.

    Those are from traders who failed and are looking for someone or something to blame so they don't have to admit they are losers.
  6. legionx


    I am probably late to the party but it's not what you are most comfortable with. Cons of OneUp: live trailing and once funded, every 15 calendar days you have to be in profit. Not make profit just be in profit. Cons of TST: two steps to be funded or 3 if you opted to take their performance program. This program you have to make 5k and that's going to be your money which will be in a live account to trade with. If you do not take the 3rd step and is funded, there is data fees and I think live trailing and also you may have to be in profit every 10 trading days I think. Not sure if they stopped that. Also the first two steps have End of Day trailing. GL.
  7. FTDK


    I am currently trading my account with Speed Up Trader, so far not a great experience ...

    The support doesn't seem to know what they are talking about, keep repeating themselves without providing any solutions, ...

    I am around breaking even on the account so the trading isn't going great either, however i had to use a platform that i never used before since the platform i wanted to use didn't work even though it is mentioned on their website. Support was going to see what was going on for me but no reply so far. Since then i have asked multiple times for an update regarding this issue but those questions got ignored.

    I am sure that my performance would have been better if i could use the platform that i was used to, the current platform has closed multiple trades on me while i was just trying to set a TP or SL due to the DOM re centering automatically really fast, something that i am not used to.

    Another major downside i wish i knew before i signed up, with Speed Up and the CQG combination you need to calculate the level of the trailing draw down limit yourself. There is no way to monitor the trailing draw down level and there is no place were you can check this level. One of the most important rules in these evaluation accounts and no way to even track the level, crazy ...
  8. FTDK


    My god, the support from Speed Up is literally the worst i have ever had.

    There are no commissions deducted from my balance, so i have no idea of knowing were exactly i am at. I must have asked about 10 times now to look in to it, but they just keep ignoring the emails! When i reply to a previous email asking about the issue, no answer. When i send a new email without any previous emails attached i get the standard answer in which they just ignore my issue and say commissions are automatically deducted. Then once i have explained yet again that this isn't the case, including screenshots, they just ignore my emails again.

    Regarding the platform issue, they were going to investigate, but guess what, no further replies to my emails asking for an update ...

    I have recovered my losses and i am getting closer to completing the evaluation account, but i am not even sure i still want to get funded by them ...
  9. FTDK


    One could think the support team might be extremely busy and hasn't had the time just yet to reply to my emails.

    However, when i send them another email with another email adres and an unrelated question, i got a reply within 10 minutes ...!
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    Big AAPL

    That is a red flag in my book
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