Citit bank

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  1. At 5 bucks this stock is implying bankrupcy isnt it? (I dont know much about US stocks) I always read under 5 bucks in US is bad for a stock.

    Jim Rogers was right again
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    price on its own does not imply anything. only the price level which buyers/sellers perceive as fair value.

    since c in particular has fallen off the cliff at gathering speed you can infer some sort of misfortune is imminent. that would have been easier if the whole stock market was not in a state of panic as it is today.

    the bond market is a lot better at actually providing quantitative ways of calculating default risk. so look at citi bonds and cds for "better" clues.
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    Ok, what are C bonds, and CDS saying? (don't know where to find that info right now)
  4. Institutional investors usually "give up" on stocks that get below $10 and $5/share. It'll be interesting to see if C can stay above $5. :(

  5. Isnt this what happened to AIG? the stock was tanking, followed by a downgrade which caused them to put up more collateral? Im not an expert in financials so i dont know if that senario could happen with citi.
  6. Citi $2?

    looks like it

    this stock is garbage