CL traded thru sell limit on 3/6 ?

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  1. had a resting sell limit set at 60.79 today...we printed 60.80 as hi tick & was not hit.has anyone experienced this before on CL?
    i know it was a fast market & a quick spike but there is no reason to to be hit on that order....i`m using IB & was curious if this is IB related or just a CL situation.any help is much appreciated.
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    60.90 last , make the sale!
  3. the high print must have happened on the floor if you were in globex or globex if your order on floor. if you can, use globex for orders, far superior. sometimes floor won't print for awhile while globex is singing.
  4. High print on Globex that I saw was 60.78. I use IB. When do you think 60.80 took place? We traded through 60.80 to 60.90 tonight.

  5. thanks for the feedback guys.....2:03 was the time in question & it looks like the pit printed it but checking time & sales....something that i don`t watch....IB did`nt get there.


    Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise with today's run up post # release...

    In any case, agreed that the screen is the place to trade, volume is 3X, the spread is a penny as opposed to 5 or 10 cents, and it moves more quickly (the pit keys off of the screen now as opposed to vice versa). I actually have stopped even paying attention to the pit and have been watching Globex exclusively. Today the high in J was 60.05 on the screen and 60.10 in the it's best to watch both if possible, but in my opinion the 05 high has more validity. I will sometimes talk to the guys on the floor to get sentiment, but that's about as far as I go.
  7. not went 55 ticks my way after that 60.80 spike.....would have been a blessing if i was hit.

    interesting to know that the pit keys off the screen....good stuff.
    it`s pretty obvious that the pit bulls are going to have to compete with the screen masters soon enough.
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    I'm sure this is not the case, but...

    was there any change that you put in a Day order instead of a GTC order?

    I was caught with that once...ahem...

  9. day order but it really had no bearing on it......globex never got there.
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    When did GLOBEX start accepting GTC orders?
    Once the session ends your orders expire.

    el surdo
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