CNBC Anchors, How much do they make?

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  1. i read years ago maria makes over 10 mil and i'm sure kernan is north of 1 mil. hell local anchors in big markets make 750k to 2 mil
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  2. What's great about the anchors on CNBC is that you can tell when they're doing an interview, they are waiting for producers to tell them in the little earpiece how to shape the follow-up question. Makes them look like they are following what the guest is saying.
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  3. Are good looking well spoken women that rare?
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  4. gnome


    They are in the pubs where I hang out.
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  5. Whatever they make, they make. Jealousy never did anyone any good. However, I would think they all make north of 250k, minus their agent's commission of course (yes, T.V. personalities have gents). If you really wanted to know, you could prob. get GE's financials, jump over to NBC Universal's section, then go into the CNBC (the only profitable part of NBC Universal's TV division) and see how the salaries are listed. Probably would not give you names, but would give you some information.
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  6. How much does Cramer make for his show? :D
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  8. Hell my brother-in-law lives in New Jersey and pulls down 75K a year as a heavy equipment operator (drives a dozer).

    I know of longshoremen that make over 100K.

    But hey, somebody's got to live in Jersey! :p
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  9. God only knows what they make, to sit there, like morons, and serve as tools of propaganda for anyone with total B.S. to spread around for the sheeple.
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  10. It's not a funeral, lighten up.

    Anybody who wants to think about their little retirement fund is a Communist right? Everyone can't work at the NYMEX calculating risk all day sorry .
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