CNBC Anchors, How much do they make?

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  1. Not a frickin' chance is she making that kinda way no how...nada. You have her paid like a top flight network news anchor...and she isn't even the top dog on a cable network show. And if CNBC was really raking in the cash and could afford the salaries you are all suggesting...why the hell do they show the same 4 or 5 commercials all day, and half of those are intenal promotion?
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  2. I hear the longer that you hang out, the better looking they get!:D
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  3. If kernan makes 2 million, then the $ is truly without value.
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  4. LOVE rick
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    I am betting the whole lot make less than 150,000 per. Unless they are related to someone way up the chain.

    this is a barely watched cable t.v. show who runs commercials for the money paper.

    How much do you think the money paper pays for a 30 second spot.
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  6. Maria Bartolomo (however you spell it) is Jeremy Siegel's (of Wisdom Tree) wife.

    Yep. No conflict of interest there.
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  7. No she's not.

    Look a link. If you look carefully you'll see her wedding pic.
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    I know Becky Quick makes $300,000/yr. for a fact. Don't know about the others.
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  9. YOu must be here accountant or something.
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    Well, I was curious and tried to find some datas on it but it is hard to come up with anything:

    2002 RTNDA/Ball State University Salary

    News Producers made an average of $29,000 (median $27,000), with a maximum of $100,000.

    News Anchors made an average of $69,800 (median $50,000), with a maximum of $1 million.

    Anderson Cooper makes 2 mill on CNN and he has a primetime show. My bet is for the CNBC ladies between 70k-150K...
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