CNBC and Cramer told us "The Bottom Was In"!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Longhorns, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. I don't get it? Why did we go back down? How could they be so wrong?

  2. Because "S2007S" only posted 40 times today!
    Baron must have given him a $6 burger from Carl's Junior as a "bonus" for surpassing the 6000 post mark!

  3. craigs21


    This is the last buying opportunity for years to come. Get in now! Don't miss out! Commit everything and don't use stops. Remember, if you hold for the long term you will always make big money.

  4. S2007S


    Did you think we were going to 12500+ today.....

    how does that -293 look.

    Didnt think it would happen right. HAHA

    Did well on my DXD, SMN and DUG purchases by the way, each gave me about 3% worth of profits.....

    I hope you sold the rally...

    see you under 12k

    and eventually 11500.

    :p :p :p

  5. You are a freaking LIAR.

    You talk "tough" but you have ZERO balls.
    You said that the Dow was heading down to 11,500 but sold out the DXD for a piddly 1% gain.

    It says so right here:

    You post over 40 times per day today and expect people here to actually buy into your claim that you actually are a TRADER???

    Get real.
    You're lying through your teeth.
    And everyone here sees it.
    You're pathetic.
  6. S2007S


    I made a little over 2% gain in it. Where you get 1% is beyond me, look at the time stamp...

    and when I say 11500 I DONT MEAN IN A SINGLE DAY,

    damn Im bearish but I dont think the dow is going to drop 800 points in a day, if anything its going to take a month or two.
  7. craigs21


    Were you around in 1987? I worked for Quotron at that time and had a couple of desktops in my office. I was trading OEX options. I watched the 500 point drop unfold in front of my eyes. You couldn't get good quotes to trade on. It was a black hole.

    The Dow was about 2700 at the top and that Monday fell from about 2200 to 1700. hmmmm. Let's see, divide 12100 by 2200 and we get 5.5. Multiply 500 by 5.5 and we get 2750. That is how much we would have to go down in a day to match the 1987 panic.

    We probably won't have another day like that again because our electronic markets can handle more and will show somewhat good quotes under heavy load. That will keep people from going into a panic because they think everything is going to zero.

    I do think we can see a 1000 point drop and we may see it this year.
  8. S2007S


    And welcome to a dow thats below 11500...

    :p :p :p :p :p

    Dow 11,453.42 -358.41 -3.03%
    Chart for Dow

    Didnt think it would happen, well my next target is 11k.
  9. Aslo the other classic "you only lose money if you sell"

    I heard that on CNBC this morning and pissed myself.

    Bartiromo was going mental about possible rates rises in Euroland saying the papers would kill them missing the point that luckily they arent run to appease arseholes like her which is a massive diff to the states where it has more of the appearence of a beauty contest.

    A small rate rise yesterday could have headed a lot of this off but bernake couldnt wait instead to spriuk the stregnth (?) of the US economy like a wornout Kudlow. No wonder the market believes he is willing to let inflation get out of control just to avoid a recession.
  10. S2007S


    I think it could get to the point that if he does come out and raise rates that the market could actually rally knowing that at least the federal reserve is trying to at least help the dollar and fight off inflation, until then this market is will continue to question everything that is going on.
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