CNBC new "countdown" bug

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  1. WTF is that "steroid report" graphics on the lower right hand corner? Do we need a "countdown" for every petty story?
  2. why bother watching CNBC in the first place?
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    can we merge all the threads that are:

    1) Someone makes a comment about CNBC

    2) Someone posts why are you watching CNBC

    3) someone comments how bloomberg is better and CNBC is for noobs

    4) someone comments that because #1 is watching CNBC he is a loser.

    5) someone comments how CNBC is the last to know and you shouldn't be watching it.

    6) someone makes a comment about the hosts, personalities, etc and how they suck/are stupid/some sexual remark. [with anecdotes]

    7) Thread goes off on some tangent such as discussing other CNBC programs and how they suck with examples.
  4. Clemens = Steroid freak

    No hall of fame for you.
  5. :cool:
  6. This just in, Trish Regan has a nice rack!!
  7. Pics of cleavage are always nice.
  8. CNBC breaks just enough stories that they're required listening even for those of us with live news.

    CNBC is to the Fed's bs what ESPN is to Monday NFL. Bernanke should charge them a licensing fee.

    By and large I'd say CNBC corespondents are smart and charismatic. Ad libs/interviews aren't the easiest thing to do. (Howard Stern has several people in his studio feeding him one liners through his headphones)

    What traders don't seem to realize is GOOD NEWS is what sells tickets. I think CNBC lost 2/3rds of their audience from 2000 to 2002. Joe Sixpack isn't interested in tuning on a broadcast medium that's reminding him how much $$ he's dropped in the market.
  9. I'll take #6

    Vince Ferrell is Captain Putz for his "buy the financials" a month ago... and oh yea cnbc sux
  10. I wonder if BOVESPA is hiring. Brazil has some unbelievably hot women. Here is one.
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