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    TRUMPtards gonna tard
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    According to the "logic" of some in these forums; this news must mean the "Back the Blue" is a terrorist organization.

    It's so sad that some folk's balls are so small that they view protests against wayward cops as an attack on all cops. So much so that they have to form a club ... as if guns and police powers aren't enough.

    It must be really tiny.

    Real cops must be embarrassed, but afraid to come out.
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    It doesn’t matter what group you pick there will always be bad actors, or so we are told by the left..... Isis, Al-Qaeda although terrorist organizations they are not indicative of Muslims as a whole.

    Tis’ a shame they don’t follow their own advice, yes there are bad cops but the vast majority are honest, hard working men and women who put their lives on the line every shift.

    And to acknowledge that fact is perfectly fine.
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    Same with Muslims.
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    I never said any different.
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    This is a good board to post it on, though.
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    Yes, I support the good men and women who serve in Law Enforcement. I encourage everyone to join me.
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    Yes it is but also to acknowledge that Black Lives are the ones taken more often by Police is to say ... isn't it about effng time something is done about it.

    Without White Outrage to follow .... waah waah what about us?
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    I encourage the good men and women who serve in Law Enforcement ... to Speak Up about the bad ones. Not many do because "you just don't do".
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