Collective2 - Any experience with this as a signal provider?

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  1. Hello all,

    I've heard of Collective2 for many years and have always thought it was geared towards system traders, but seems like it's open to all types of traders. I also see that it allegedly integrates seamlessly with my current broker and software (Ninjatrader Brokerage / NT8).

    If I have understood correctly, I can simply trade like I normally do and my executions will automatically submit to C2.

    As a day trader of futures who both take quick scalps and will hold for hours at times, I'm not sure if my type of trading would be compatible with C2?

    My own motivation for using this service would be to a) add some extra income; b) build a track record. If it's easy to use/integrate and a low effort to implement it seems like it can be worthwhile considering.

    Just figured I'd throw it out there and hear what the good people of ET have to say about this service.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. ffs1001


    I've looked at C2 from a buyers POV, and I've followed a few strats on SIM - very few actually seemed to perform well, in spite of the fact that they had glowing returns up till the point that I joined.

    Also, a lot of strategies/sellers have a short history - very few have been there for more than 2 years. So, I suspect a lot of enthusiastic traders find a system that works well, go onto C2 to promote it, and it stops working for whatever reason and they disappear.

    If you have a strat that's consistently profitable, and want to capitalise on it, by all means use C2 and see if you get extra mileage from it. Not sure what the seller's charges/costs are to be listed there, but it will be a good learning experience and give you visibility for bigger things later on.

    If you do this, mention your strat name and I'll follow it on SIM first and may subscribe, if it looks good.
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  3. It's never something I've seriously considered myself, but it was recommended to me in private recently and upon taking a quick look I was wondering maybe if it could be beneficial.

    Sure. I'll let you know if I sign up.
  4. traider


    How do you convince others to sign up if you are discretionary and don't have a nice looking backtest?
  5. That's a good question.

    What I expect though is that you'll have to trade for a month or two or even longer to generate any interest or a track record through the site.

    Creating a track record (assuming C2 would qualify for that) is also one of my motivations for doing this.

    It's not a big deal for me, but if this is something I could integrate effortlessly within what I'm already doing I don't see why not.
  6. QTrader20


    I repeatedly told many traders here before that when an experience trader who is able to come up with a profitable trading system, there is no need to ask for other people's money to trade or earn money from subscribers.

    All one needs is to add in more leverages to generate bigger returns once his system is reliable enough to help him making money in the long term.

    Here is my proof as I always show my blotters in the past on ET to proof my statements.

  7. userque


    I smell a backtest being offered as a walked-forward result.


    Post trades real-time, or provide a link to a real-time recording service such as collective2. Thanks.
  8. Yes just keeping adding leverage what could possibly go wrong...

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  9. ffs1001


    @QTrader20 , congrats on the $97K profit in 2 weeks.

    Innocent question - are you able to give an indication of your account size?

    I'm not trying to compare d*ck sizes, but I ask cos if you made this on a $1million account, then it's a great result - if you made it on a $10million account, then not so much.
    For me, trading profits are more meaningful if shown as percentages, as opposed to actual dollar amounts.

    Another Que - are you trading options, futures, fx....?

    Happy trading.
  10. wmwmw


    C2 was good when it charges $20 for 6 months and split subscription fee with traders as 30% - 70%.
    Now it charges $20 for one month and split sub fee 50%- 50% with traders.
    Too expensive if you want to make money on it.
    But if you want a track record, then go for it.
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