Coming in outta the KOLD ... crushing natural gas

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by KCalhoun, Oct 18, 2021.

  1. KCalhoun


    starting to look tasty


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  2. S2007S


    Already own


    Up huge today.
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  3. Handle123


    Am in from the highs in futures, took few stabs at finding the highs.

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  4. Nine_Ender


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  5. KCalhoun


    Yeah, scaling in at 2day highs, out at 2day lows
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  7. KCalhoun


    I like KOLD & SCO and am scaling in at 2day highs :D
  8. Handle123


    I will stay short till percentage of 9 year lows or protective stop is hit near highs. First target of 1.0000 was achieved and taken 10% of position, rest is kept. On deep pullbacks, add ons placed/hedged.
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  9. Nine_Ender


    One month returns on some energy stocks I frequently own :

    BTE 30.9%, ATH 27.9%, CPG 16.7%, CVE 22.6%, ERF 27.1%, MEG 30.8%
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  10. Nine_Ender


    Long the producers has been a far better trade. Earnings season starts now I suspect plenty of upside "surprises" especially in the pure nat gas plays. Dividend increases, share buy backs, debt reductions, earnings beats should all be in play. Whitecap got in early with a 38% dividend increase two weeks ago. Oil producers are good stories but somewhat baked into some stock prices now after a huge run up for two months. Any dividend reinstatements it'll attract new money.

    Frankly Canadian energy companies have been the best kept secret in NA markets for a year running.
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