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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Chagi, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Chagi


    I've been watching INTC fairly closely for the past couple of months, stock has been in a narrowing descending channel, closed at $19.62 today.

    I personally think that INTC has been dropping the ball for a couple of years from now, but given their recent presentations at the IDF, it looks like that may be changing. Intel's new Conroe (desktop) processor is looking pretty good, as is their Merom (mobile) tech. More importantly, it looks like their CPU tech for servers may improve significantly during late 2006 and early 2007.

    Stock is currently trading at trailing P/E of 14 according to Yahoo. I'm starting to consider taking a long position, but would want to see the stock move above $20 or so first.
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  3. Chagi


    INTC has moved upwards today, breaching the downwards channel. Just opened a position during the mid-afternoon pullback, $20.12.
  4. Good luck with your trade Chagi....I'm in there with you. It takes patience but INTC has always rewarded me. Since I'm long INTC I completely agree with your analysis:p
  5. jj90


    I'm not big on TA nor am I a TA guru by any means, but I did notice several things bout INTC while looking at it. It actually came up on my watchlist a little while ago. Anyways when I had a look at it, I did notice MACD flattening, RSI starting to climb, decreasing volume, and price closes flattening out. This was last week.
  6. lol...ive been making my living shorting intel almost everyday for the past few months so if your right about this upward trend.....lets hope it is a nice continuous flow like the drop has been! :)
  7. I like intc here
  8. dis


    While SPX is at a 5-year high, INTC is at a 3-year low. What's there not to like? :D
  9. hajimow


    I just got in 1K at 19.69.
  10. Hey Haji, I think 19.69 might be a bit steep considering the past 2 weeks,

    But for the short term, could be a winner!


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