Commission Free Futures Trading, Any Competitor to Tradovate?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by newwer, Jun 30, 2021.

  1. newwer


    Do any other futures brokers currently offer membership plans for commission free trading?
  2. tango29


    Are you having problems with Tradovate. or just seeing what's available?
    I just made the switch from IB and the only problem I am having is getting my statements. I have to keep asking for them for the last week. Initially no problem, but for some reason the last week I have had to specifically ask for them. They are accurate, so at least no issue with that end.
  3. Tradovate

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    Please reach out to The statements are issued each night by our clearing firm. In addition, we pull these into our Tradovate software and they can be accessed by logging in. If this is not the case we are happy to help.
  4. tango29


    Thank you, I have through the support option and they have been able to get the statements loaded to the platform. Todays statement is there which is how it was initially, but for the past week or so I have had to ask if it was on the way, and then it would show up in the platform. They are all correct which is what I just want to verify, and I am used to doing that in the morning before the day opening.
  5. RedSun


    It is mis-leading to state that Tradovate is commission free future trading. It is commission free if you pay for monthly membership fee, which is $199/month.

    Also, the commission free is on Tradovate's own commissions. You still have to pay all exchange fees. Other brokers also charge very low commissions. It is the exchange fee that makes future trading cost high.
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  6. tango29


    Obviously, and if you do the volume that makes it worthwhile to purchase the annual license it can be a deal. You pay exchange fees everywhere.
  7. RedSun


    If you get the volumes like some of the hedge funs, then a lot brokers want your business. This is why IB is still hugely popular even its service has deteriorated....

    I first thought this is a futures broker who is like Robin Hood. Then I saw the membership fees. Misleading to say the least.

  8. It isnt misleading - they are a commission free broker when you pay a monthly fee. They are not obligated to tell you the best deal or the details of any particular deal in their advertising.

    Caveat Emptor
  9. RedSun


    Tradovate is clearly misleading investors. See its front ad banner. It does not even mention "paid monthly trading plan" which costs $199/month. Bad practice IMO.

    Tradovate is obligated to tell you that this commission-free futures trading is only for "paid" investors.... It is not really free. This is even worse than RobinHood.

    I stay away from Tradovate...
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  10. They do tell you commission-free futures trading is only for paid people - when you go on their website and look under pricing.

    They arent obligated to tell you the details about commission free trading in their advertisement. As long as they are not false advertising (which they arent doing) then its fair game. Caveat Emptor

    Many well known companies practice what you have defined as "bad practice"

    You are slandering/defaming a company because you are stupid. Comical.
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