Compression in energy

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  1. Institutions waiting to see if CBs can stop the rally in fuel prices.


    If not, new highs expected later in the year.
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    compressed energy -
    one of the ways to store energy.
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    way different time frames at play between these fundamental factors
  4. OK, here's a different time frame.
    Still looks like it is going higher.

    wtic_40 4ear.jpg
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    see: /

    General Atomics was experimenting with a helium cooled thorium based reactor in the 1970s. I am quite confident that this is where the action will be in the very near future.. Great Britain has ~40 gas cooled reactors operating, France Spain and Japan a few each, but all uranium based , not thorium..

    China working on thorium breeder (All the Thoriums are breeders as thorium isn't fissile by itself. They are all Breeders!) that I think is molten fluoride salt based. (Not original, not very promising tech.)

    Reason these have not been competitive in U.S. basically politics and having to compete with entrenched Uranium Pu designs. But thorium is the way to go. Has big potential advantages. Wave of the future. I still like the Combo of Thorium with Helium cooling to build relatively small reactors. I interviewed with Gen. Atomics in Calif. in the 70s. Very nice concept and technology but needed federal funding to compete at that time. Great opportunity missed by U.S. because of politics. (Flouride salt - Thorium breeder are very very promising as well.)
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    I've seen this technology before. It didn't work.

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    Expansion of crude oil day range.

    ie good news for the day traders.
    It is the day traders' dream.

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    I doubt this compressed energy system will work well;
    There are too many inefficiencies.
  10. Well, what kind of response were you expecting to your chart posts?
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