Concealed Carry Desert Eagle

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by chaosclarity, Oct 16, 2011.

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  2. No disrespect distended, as you are obviously "un homme dangereux," and I am deeply grateful that you are in PA and not TX, although you really should rethink that, given your proclivities. But have you thought through the limiting case of CC? You're in TX. It's late August. The temp is 105. You can't wear more than shorts and a tee or you become bloating roadkill in ten minutes. The only pistola you can cornseal dressed like that without alarming a somnolent sheeple public is a pissant .380. With a reload . And all the attendant unreliabilities of a mousegun. No mooseguns allowed. Can you still kill 13 BGs before the National Guard arrives? THAT is fucking skill at concealment and use of a deddy weppin. In the winter I carry a Springfiled XD(m) .45 and a couple of reloads. Serious death and destruction. I pray that the Zombpocalypse occurs in winter. But fate being what it is....
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    So you're a lard ass wearing a parka in a your parents basement of an old probably rather small house in a blue collar neighborhood. And 1) we're supposed to be impressed with you being able to conceal a large frame semi auto and 2) we're supposed to believe you're a big time stock index futures trader?

    I could conceal a sawed off bazooka with a coat that big.

    As an aside, you should have better prepared yourself as to what you were going to say before starting the video. You rambled too much.
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    You could probably conceal that desert eagle in your belly button you are so morbidly obese.

  5. Chaos is a poor man's bwolinski. And slightly more insane...
  6. Hey! Show a little respect! How many of you have a Lee Loader right next to your trading station? And I can't quite make out the labels on the boxes, but they look like ammo shipping boxes, so that's about 3K rounds sitting there. His workplace is safe!
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    And check out that solid mahogany desk... :D
  8. The tiresome video was worth it to hear him say, "I'm kind of a flashy guy" at the end of the vid. A regular chick magnet, no doubt.:eek: :eek: :eek:
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    I hear super models just love baseball caps.
  10. Agin, ah sez, ah sez, agin, do nut meff wif dis Chaos. He won bad dood. See dis viddyo:

    He whip yo ass bad! An de gurlz not onney laak besbol caps, dey laaks basemints. Yew no? Whups? Chanes? Hoods in de hood's hood!
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