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Discussion in 'Economics' started by ljyoung, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. What are these guys conferring about? The attachment shows a little snippet from the folks at RiskCenter, with an implied link to the CB site, telling us that the CB says all is well.

    The other bit in the attachment is a Barron's synopsis on what the LEI report means, with an implied link to the CNBC/FFN crews and others, and why it is the prototypic non-event.

    Which brings us to the tasty volatility/volume/price event at 10:00 AM this morning and which occurence, in the highest of likelihoods, had nada to do with the LEI report. So then did the PhillyFed numbers justify the move, (5.75 ES points, nicely filling the "RTH gap" ) or was this just, well, something else?


    All attachment material is PD.