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    Heya Folks,

    I heard on BB that Copper is moving. I looked at the CPER index and, indeed, it's up a nice percent since Feb 01. A couple questions:

    1. What moves the price of copper?
    - Why the longer-term uptrend and recent pop?
    2. What is the primary copper index?
    - Typically I look to the London Metals Exchange for spot price on Gold and Silver. Does the same hold true for copper?
    3. Anyone know the Interactive Brokers tickers for copper?
    - The commodity intex
    - I found CPER and JJC for ETFs

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  3. Ever hear the expression, "the economy has a copper roof"? It means the copper is sensitive to the economy as it's heavily used in home construction... pipes, wiring, and is therefore also sensitive to inflation.

    Those ETFs have low handle. Suggest keeping an eye on FCX. You can track copper spot on $Copper
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    nickel's a better bet due to Toyota's electrification
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    instant replay from 07-08. look at lumber futures. holy shit. i've never seen this and have been in the building trades in the hamptons for 25 years. it's red hot out here because everyone is leaving the city. buttttt.......i would't be long here.
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    I'm long FCX and loving it, nice breakout today
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    i should have clarified.....copper still looks ok......the markets are giving sell warnings.
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    You can trade copper futures from

    London Metal Exchange (in various denominations)
    Shanghai International Energy INE (yuan based)
    Hong Kong Futures Exchange (volume virtually zero)

    foreigners can now trade INE products but it is not available
    from IB.

    copper price moves due to
    - stock market
    - inventory level
    - miners happiness/unhappiness (eg strike)
    - USD (if it is USD based)

    Copper has been very good for day trading since 2005.
    Before 2005, its volatility was very poor.

    The best time for trading was from 2005 to 2011 due to
    its very huge day range / volatility.
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