Could we spot a Russian troll...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Fonz, Dec 4, 2021.

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    No, we couldn't reliably spot a real Russian troll.
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    Look for someone who continually posts links from RT, Zero Hedge and InfoWars.
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    It depends on what the story is about. The accusations about ZH being controlled by Russia are farfetched and seem to originate (at least the ones based on the Rand article) on comments by a single visiting professor at UTSA that they pick up some of their information from Sputnik. They have a Wall Street feeder network of fans that provides them with tips. That has nothing to do with Russia.

    In any event, ZH and even RT regularly find and publish news that was previously unreported, and ends up being picked up by major media down the road. I like to know things before other people do, and feel confident I can sift through the agendas.

    RT is controlled by the Russian government and some of the stories have an obvious propaganda tilt. But the best propaganda has an element of usually unreported truth. Do you want those facts, or not? The key to good trading or anything else is knowing things others don't know.

    Infowars is a conspiracy site and a breed apart from ZH or RT.
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    Tony Stark

    Or defends RT, Zero Hedge and InfoWars.
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    We have spotted trolls from England, trolls from Australia, trolls from Spain, trolls from Japan, trolls from Germany, and from other countries that have been (some still are) actively posting here in the Political threads about American politics under the façade as an American...

    Some have been banned or temporarily banned for their views that violated the TOU policy while others are extremely careful...waiting for the next big political event (e.g. midterms, Presidential election).
    • There's no proof except a few of them eventually admit what country they live in and they then get right back at it...actively being asswipes here in the Political threads about American politics.
    Yet, I do notice a few commonalities among them...they carry the bullshit into the trading threads outside of the Political thread and they refuse to say which country they're posting from whenever asked. The latter is strange considering nobody here has the ability to go looking for them in another country nor do we have access to any private info that Baron (ET owner) may have access too. :sneaky:

    Other than that...they're really harmless although they think they can cause problems for others because they take their bullshit very personal and hate it when they are put on ignore.

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