Countries with the most nuclear reactors

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    Congress feeds nuclear industry billions to support new reactors and existing fleet

    The nuclear industry just got a significant boon from Congress with the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which devotes nearly $8.5 billion to fund advanced reactor development and support the nation's economically compromised plants.

    The measure spent months in limbo following its passage in the Senate in August, and nuclear industry groups are hailing it as a catalyst for domestic clean energy innovation.

    Of the total $1.2 trillion in spending the bill authorizes, about $2.5 billion would get dispersed over six years to fund the research, development, and demonstration of advanced nuclear reactor technology, something stakeholders, analysts, and lawmakers across party lines have recognized as vital if the United States is to maintain a reliable grid and cut carbon emissions.

    "This is the most aggressive support for nuclear that we've seen in a very long time. Period," said Josh Freed, senior vice president for the Climate and Energy program at Third Way, a center-left think tank.
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    I'm surprised the environmentalist wackos are not going crazy about this, since the buried nuclear waste will pose a mutation threat to nearby earthworms...

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  3. What will these reactors be used for?
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    To help power a small town in the area.
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  5. Ah, I see, thank you for clarifying!
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    France would probably be on top.
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  8. Not the US? The US has a lot of nuclear reactors, more than France does.
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    Population of the U.S. - 329,500,000
    Population of France - 67,390,000
    Nuclear reactors in the U.S - 94
    Nuclear reactors in France - 56

    Reactors per capita = number of reactors / population
    Reactors per capita for the U.S. - 2.85*10-7
    Reactors per capita for France - 8.3*10-7

    So, France has nearly 3 times more reactors per capita than the U.S.

    TLDR, France has half the number of reactors as the U.S. but 1/5 of the population, therefore despite having fewer reactors they have far more reactors per capita.
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    Sen. Joe Manchin cheers move to create more uranium for advanced nuclear reactors

    • On Tuesday, the DOE issued what’s formally called a request for information or RIF, for its plans to create high-assay-low-enriched uranium fuel in the United States.
    • HALEU fuel is necessary to for many next generation, advanced nuclear reactors which are being developed in the United States.
    • U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), who has been the lone Democratic stalwart in getting President Joe Biden’s climate and social spending bill through the Senate, is supportive of the move by the Department of Energy.
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