"CoVID-19" is over.

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    So, six months ago, the scare began -- and the sciency skeptics were like, "Errrm -- where's the (full) data? We need data. You're publicizing numbers and percentages that you *know* to be incomplete -- and when The Boy Who Cries 'Wolf!' (or who closes down whole economies) gets bloodied by the actual (viral) wolf, ....

    ... and so, to look around the world, those who responded logically have done fairly well, while those who chose not to respond at all, have been bloodied.

    • A nearly instantaneous "breathilizer"
    has performed well in field tests.
    • Two promising vaccine trials are underway and *months* ahead of optimistic schedules.
    but the coup de grace:
    • "Face masks have been shown to reduce the spread of the virus, and we need our businesses to stay open, our schools to reopen, our economy to reopen -- and the data show that the way to avoid another shutdown is to wear a face mask." [paraphrased from somewhere..., despite the fact that the Surgeon General put out the same basic message a month ago, it's now accompanied by the phrase sought six months ago, "the data show..."

    Not to be glib at all, but that's it -- that's the climax -- it's all denouement from here.

    Is this priced into the market?
    I think so. Which means that contributory "good news" will show little market effect, but confidence-sapping "bad news" (like a morphing virus) would have immediate downside effect.

    Is this priced into the (U.S.) electorate?
    Not by a long shot. Which means that the effect on unemployment, and the growing likelihood of structural employment shocks of long duration, and the attendant effect on U.S. disposable income, on spending, on re-investment, on durables, (and even later) on housing.... Ewwwwww.

    Sure. Let's have the next generation take the hit. They never complain. Hell -- they're not even born yet. "Pffff!"

    So, two denouements -- one short term (through November), and the other going out some years???
    You got it, Clyde.
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  2. Millionaire


    Its summer and it is hot.

    "Coronavirus is most likely to spread between 41 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit"

    Lets hope there is vaccine by October.

    Its not going to be the end of the world. But its going to be March/April all over again, but for 6 months instead of 2.
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    Thank you. The pandemic has been over though for several months. Government response will continue on.
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    You do realize that the nastiest spots right now are Florida, Arizona/New Mexico, and Tejas, right? Where even the air-conditioned spaces are well over 59°F? :confused:

    ["And let's not forget sunshine, eh." No. Let's not forget.]
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    Not one for news outlets, eh? "Record new cases!" "Increasing death toll!" No? Doesn't sound familiar? :confused:

    A retired friend of mine just started a second 6-month stint as an ER doc for the Navajo Nation -- she's 'seen it all' and is not one for exaggeration. But her term for the Health Center she staffs? "Medieval." Think about that for a second. It went from a vacation-y service visit to "medieval" with the onset of the virus' arrival. :cool:
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    No one can go into a business not wearing a mask, schools have been shut down, businesses for the most part have been partially or totally shut down for quite some time. Yet we are hitting records daily. To Mask or Not to Mask. :D.

    I'm not disagreeing with you, shit i feel safer for everything wearing a mask. This probably means, people aren't really wearing them correctly (touching it with infected hands, using them as a chin strap etc) or the numbers are being cooked.


    I see a market at its all time highs basically, so I gotta trust its telling us high
    chance for vaccine and death fear for those under 70 dissipating over the coming months..
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    What its telling me is "WE WILL NEVER FULLY SHUTDOWN AGAIN" no matter what the virus does..
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    Actually, most businesses you can go into without a face mask.
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    Not down here in my area and its blowing up with cases. Have you ever heard of Miami? Its in Florida.
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