CoVID-19 Vaccine!!

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    Doctors in The Vienna Institute For Viruletic Researches have announced their intention to release.....

    What are you going to do with that headline?

    Are your stops in place?

    There is way more right in world markets right now, than is wrong.
    This virus scare -- *worthy* as it is!! -- just *won't* last forever -- Hell! It could end tonight.

    So, are your positions secure?
    Until we break 3200, this is CoVID-19 virusbear -- and could be gone in 48 hours...... :confused: Be thinking about it.
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    gd point, the berniebear still lurks tho lol
  3. McGinnis bot spooz at 3350.

  4. Cuddles


    Isn't this like the 5th vaccine this month?
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  5. ktm


    It won't happen like that.

    It's like curing cancer. We won't ever have this giant headline that cancer is cured. It's more complicated. There will be trials that will be followed closely, good results and bad results. Even at this point a vaccine isn't a huge deal as it's only 2% fatal. The bigger issue is understanding contagious periods and getting (at risk) people to cooperate and behave. The concern is legit, but I agree it's likely also transient. The equity drop is a good housecleaning, but we're getting into an area where there will be material economic slowing from quarantining and closing so much stuff in more and more areas.
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  6. Sort of, yes. They've had promising vaccines out of a San Diego lab within literal hours of sequencing this thing. The problem is that there's a long way to go from that point to administering vaccines: first there's validation that initial effects in vitro are not due to chance, then there's human safety testing, then the same effects test in humans, then production on a massive scale ... last estimate I've seen for vaccines making a dent in this were sometime this summer.
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    Absolutely nothing.
  8. This is just a catalyst for the markets gap down. A correction was due, and it is healthy to have one, as a correction, rather than the whole market collapsing.
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    Possibly WRONG on CANCER, they have a T-Cel genetic engineering replacement therapy, 100% successful on Animal trails about to start human trials and it works on ALL Cancers.

    Something, straight out of I am Legend, hopefully without the side effects.
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  10. Love to hear that
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