Covid lockdown panic was caused by Fauci's "1% error"!

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  1. jys78


    Do you mean 0.58%?

    Seem like many struggle with decimal place and powers of 10 across the board.
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  2. Pekelo


    OK, the title of the thread is bogus. That being said I am not impressed with doctor Fauci, but we don't have to spread lies about him.
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  3. Turveyd


    0.058 the news? Says 0.0058 on purpose to see if people see it I bet!
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  4. Turveyd


    He's just paid to assume worst case scenario and add as much fear and cause as much damage as possible, same happening here with the SAGE group, they deserve it.
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  5. wrbtrader



    You guys act like Fauci has his own personal prediction model when in fact the U.S. was following (still following) +30 prediction models from around the world...some of which typically followed in the United States (e.g. MIT, Univ. of Washington, Univ. of Chicago, Columbia Univ, Harvard Public Health, Georgia Institute of Technology, Notre Dame, Iowa State, Univ of Michigan, Univ of Mass, FDA, CDC and others).
    • Heck, they even used Walmart Labs Data Team and I'm surprised they didn't contact Elon Musk. :D
    Just as amazing, a few complaining about Fauci do not live in the United States...a bunch of idiots. :D

    Seriously, each country has its own health organization, its own lead epidemiologist and so on. They calculated their own statistical model and almost all of them made it clear...what they learn today / predict today will be different than what they learn / predict next month. :rolleyes:
    • All you need to know is that Covid-19 is more contagious than the Flu and people infected with Covid-19 can go more days than the Flu before symptoms show up. Those two simple facts make Covid-19 more dangerous than the Flu and we still have 4 more months to tally statistics before the year completes.
    • Most important thing to remember...there's still no vaccine for Covid-19 although China and Russia say they have a vaccine.
    • If the U.S. develops a vaccine...1/3 of the population will refuse to take a vaccine even if there's a mandate to take a vaccine...could be a problem for those that believe in herd immunity (Note: Each country has their own statistical model of the % of their population that's needed to reach herd immunity but you still need a vaccine).
    • People are more willing to take therapeutic drug treatment for Covid-19 prevention instead of taking a vaccine to prevent getting Covid-19. Recently, there's been a few cases of "re-infection" by those that had it in prior and their 2nd bout with Covid-19 has been more problematic than the 1st time they were positive. :(
    Actually, I think the re-infection is interesting considering many people (none scientists) keep saying some countries have herd immunity even though the statistical analysis of the population doesn't support there's herd immunity.

    None related topic...more one night hook-ups are having sex in positions that are not face to face. I think that doggy-style is now the go to position. :D

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  6. Junos


    I think that few people could assume that the situation would get so out of control. I remember the news six months ago, and I understand that I didn't take it seriously either, it seemed to me that it was some kind of temporary panic that didn't deserve attention. But everything turned out to be much more serious, and this situation has really led to serious economic and political changes, which dramatically affected people's lives. I think it's too late to talk about what happened and what could have happened, it's much more productive to look ahead and try to foresee (as far as possible) what will happen in the future. All the more so because the events are still going on now. It is necessary to stay alert...
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  7. wrbtrader


    I've lived through 2 other prior Pandemics (HIV and SARs) and so did people in other countries.

    Covid-19 Pandemic was different on so many levels but a key level that stands out to me is the Response and Social Responsibility. Other countries lockdown properly even the ones that did a "lockdown lite". Just as importantly, other countries re-open properly.

    Unfortunately, the U.S. fell short big time. There's a deterioration occurring in the U.S. population that doesn't allow it to properly protect its citizens / residents and unless there's a change in the government...

    Futures Pandemics will have the same impact on the U.S. In fact, if the U.S. can close the year with less than 200k dead from Covid-19...I'll consider it very lucky.

    Yeah, gotta stay alert because the people around you are spending their time on conspiracy theories.

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  8. Overnight


    To prevent HIV, 3 steps.
    1. Don't share needles.
    2. Wear a condom.
    3. Don't donate your HIV-infected blood.

    To prevent COVID, 3 steps.
    1. Wear a mask.
    2. Use 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you get back in your vehicle.
    3. Wash your hands with warm soapy water when you get home.

    To prevent "accidental firearm death", 3 steps.
    1. Point the firearm in the safest direction possible when handling it but not using it.
    2. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
    3. Keep firearm unloaded until ready to use it.

    To safely fly any aircraft, 3 steps.
    1. Aviate
    2. Navigate
    3. Communicate.

    Good things always come in threes.
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  9. wrbtrader


    I discover so far in 2020...people lost their capacity to do simple things and then bitch later when "safe habits" are forced upon them.

    They then blame the government or sue when they didn't follow those simple steps.

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  10. Turveyd


    Covid isn't that serious, mainly killing people off which are towards the end of there lives, hopefully all over UK and 2months time for the US and that'll be it.

    What the powers at be have done to everyone is the real issue, the mental damage, lives lost on top of the Covid deaths and global depression, but kinda struggling to see where this is going to plan ahead, expect a few wars to be started while countries are poor and weak.

    Fun Decade ahead, I fear many of us won't see the 30's.
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