Covid lockdown panic was caused by Fauci's "1% error"!

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    Its bullshiting ninebender,

    Safety rules, damn your stupid there not safety rules there bullshit to control and drive fear into you while pretending they can save you, from a mild cough, face coverings, social distancing really worked jn the USA, ohh hang 200k dead since made no difference what so ever.

    And 130average old people 80+ that are dying anyway die that flu would of finished shortly anyway for the next 4 to 6 weeks then that'll be over.

    My recent colds could be mask could be cause I'm dieting and training too hard.

    Your the sociopath cause you only care that you don't get it, and your not intelligent enough to rationalise how !ow the odds are that you'll not even notice you've had it.

    Possibly had it twice, my lad has been tested awaiting results, Corona viruses aren't new and immunity only lasts 6months so really got to move on.

    Enjoy burying you head jn the sand and ignoring all the damage and 1000s of extra none covid deaths being caused by your cure.
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