Covid lockdown panic was caused by Fauci's "1% error"!

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    Situation pretty horrible again in Spain, schools opening with repulsive restrictions, basically pushing kids to be unhealthy spineless retards, lots of small businesses closing down, sports hammered. Basically healthy lifestyle frown upon when not banned while drinking and smoking at home is fine.
    I wish death under torture to all lockdown and social distancing supporters, at least the way it's done here. Wished we'd set up giant gas chambers for them.
    And we've got about 30 deaths per day in this oh so terrible second wave, half aged over 85 it appears. Expecting many schools to close almost as soon as they open and new large quarantines. Some schools have been closed even before they opened, which might not be so bad considering the current schools' regulations.
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    Your data is flawed. Nobody dies from anything other than the COVID now. This because if you test positive for COVID during the autopsy of your body after,say running into a telephone pole in your car, the cause for you running into that telephone pole was because you had the COVID, so it affected your brain in an abnormal way.

    That has been the narrative since all this shit started.

    And if they do not detect COVID in the autopsy? Then it was caused because you are worried about the COVID, so you were distracted enough to get into a situation where you died because your thoughts obsessed about the virus.

    Ergo, COVID caused your death.

    Bump up those numbers!
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    Yep just, 49 and male and no real issues relevant 1's anyway. :)
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    Just masks in corridors at the schools, not too bad, pointless but bareable.

    University's are splitting into 2 groups, 1 day in, 1 out and longer terms shorter holidays, totally pointless as they'll all meet in the pub and jump in each others beds outside of uni LOL

    2nd mini wave, is just the people that hid away well coming out too soon and it's getting around, nothing more, so obvious if using common sense, but that was banned in 2019 so don't be using any of that.

    2 Deaths in 1 area and massive lockdown, over reaction or what.

    Agree, death to all of them, they've done so much damage, saved nobody, killing 1000's weekly which Cancer deaths will continue for the next 2 years, I refuse to have anything to do with anyone that wants lockdowns, they've enabled too much damage to all.
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    Not that good here... full time mask from 6 years old, social distancing everywhere in the school - no contact between kids allowed. Kids with lunch boxes have to eat in class, the ones daring to hit the cafeteria lunch, where there were already long queues before covid, will have to order their menu, get served slowly, than eat separated from each other, everyday at a same spot they can t chose. No lockers, no water fountain, no after class activity, in secondary as they expect too many students in the class to respect social distancing several students every day will be sent to extra rooms and do some kind of on campus distance education. Ridiculous hygiene requirements, in kindergarten that part sounds worse.
    Unhealthy psychologically and physically, pushes kids to be cowards and i doubt they will be able to study as much as they should if the teachers have to do much extra policing.
    Stringent health rules, which can easily get whole families quarantined temporarily if a kid has a commin cold or a non covid related mild fever
    Different break and lunch times, so different grades don t get outside together.
    No face to face meeting with the teachers either, introduction was made through video calls today, which had me lose my temper. First time I think it happens with a teacher, usually I try to behave, but read so many nocive complains from teachers this year that I have a hard time keeping the anger inside.
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    Sports restrictions got worse today, after already many gym had forced people training with a face mask ( try mma or bjj with a mask...) Even crossfit gym sent a mail today people will need to train witj a mask on, over the last month it was OK to train non contact high intensity exercises indoors without a mask. Just found a Muay Thai gym which keeps training normally behing closed doors in a scorching hot windowless hall, but it felt like a blessing. Not sure how long they will keep at it, and we will have to train elsewhere with a mask anyway, 6 hours MT training is less sports than we are usually doing, sucks big time. Obviously gyms that have made masks compulsory had to lower training intensity. Next step is going back to phase 1 or 2 and close the gyms altogether... public health is NOT the real priority atm.
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    Went from 95% believing and scared to 10% so people are doing the min of the rules at this point, fed up with it and not believing the government at all thankfully, it's become a joke in short, the rules don't make any logical sense ( unless your a Snowflake, then just follow there rules or your killing old people LOL )

    Only over 12s for masks aswell.

    Everyone kinda realised, you've got to go pretty deep to find a death,friend of a friend of a friends,mom's mates died deep, but they was 93 and terminal so no big deal.

    Leftie's never ever have to be allowed to push there fear and therefore decisions on others. :(
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    actually reading the parents group chats many are afraid, although it is not clear they are now more afraid of covid or of the legal consequences if they get close to it (quarantine mostly). I usually like people in Spain, it s less agressive than other places I ve lived in, but it is also very cowardly, which might be related.
    Besides it s not the US here, the right wing is also very much pro restrictions, country had the worst number recently among european countries when considering people's fear of covid. Spineless morons, and it is noticeable in areas other than covid as well.
    Good on the UK for the schools, looks better than here.
    Took a trip to Portugal last week btw, 6 hours drive just to be able to walk around a city without a mask, go figure...
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    New Confirmed tests in Spain are BS, mainly Antibody tests being posted, to keep the fear level up, zero real increase in deaths still 1 - 2 % of daily deaths.

    Masks in shops here only, most don't bother, nobody cares, some shops really don't care, try to use them smaller 1's, better than 3 people only it the shop and 30min's of cuing, total BS ofcourse just bits of useless cloth LOL

    People are soooo stupid!!
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