Covid lockdown panic was caused by Fauci's "1% error"!

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    I told my kids not to mention any discomfort at school this year to go through the stupid health rules. The eldest one starts on Friday ( it s been delayed a week) today her best friend is quarantined home, the school requesyed a negative pcr so she could start school on Friday, after her mom mentioned *sore throat, croaky voice* to the school it seems. She was nowhere near sick this saturday when she hung out with my daughter. Htf are kids supposed to study this year if they get sent home than for pcr for the most benign health issues ? Parents are also wasting at least half day dealing with the pcr and paying around 140eur for it as well as wasting couple/several days school time. I feel they might as well organize distance education this year, if that doesn t go along stay at home order.
    Die fucktards, die.
    A bit of a shame only Sweden, where I do not want to move, looks safe in Europe at the moment, in term of restrictions but Spain already appears AGAIN the worst place to stay. We ll see how it goes, might look to move over Xmas, although that would suck as well with social distancing likely in place at destination, and possibly the borders largely closed.
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    UK just put gathering of more than 6 people are banned from Monday, which might shut the gyms ffs. Nobody well only snowflakes will listen to this not many gather in 6+ anyway so another BS move by the government to make people feel there doing a good job.

    Reason, they've done a small sample of covid tests then applied that to the population in those areas to estimate the amount of infection, ie not actual tests, just theory.

    If it's that many people with it, then 5 months ago at the peak, 60% of the population must of had it LOL muppets!!

    No increase in hospitalizations and deaths.

    They really want to keep this thing and the fear going, getting sad!!
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    It seems european countries are afraid Spain second wave ( around 9000 cases a day here, although much less severe than in March, 260 deaths or so announved today over the last week, regular although not dramatic increase in hospitalisations over the summer) will follow northside in a few weeks. Not that I agree one bit, but that would be an extra reason countries are toughening up rules, this plus big cities getting busier after summer holidays.
    . Groups over 6 people are very common in e Spain btw, in bars and restaurants as well as on the street and authorities have been cracking on night street drinking by groups of mostly youngsters (botellon) all over the summer
    Hope for u they keep the gyms open !
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    If you're into Scandinavian countries...

    Denmark, Finland and Norway doing much better than Sweden and you can travel between the borders whereas those countries have closed their borders to Sweden although recently they may have re-open their borders.

    Total Deaths - Sweden is 26th place with 5,838 deaths. That's an improvement considering last month they were at 20th place.

    Denmark 63rd place with 628 deaths / Finland 77th place with 336 deaths / Norway 85th place with 264 deaths

    New Deaths - Sweden is in 45th place with 4 deaths / Denmark 102th place with 0 deaths / Norway 106th place with 0 deaths / Finland 106th place with 0 deaths

    Stay away from the U.S...still number #1 in many categories. Too many people refusing to wear a face mask, wash hands in soap / water 20secs and not social distancing. They just don't get it and now at risk for a national mandate because of too many socially irresponsible people by the time there's a new government by end of November.

    A vaccine could fix most of the problems in the world but not the U.S. considering 2/3 of those polled in many states say they will not take a vaccine. Simply, the U.S. has the worst chance for herd immunity.

    Yet, if you have the money and you have a lot of fear about Covid-19...below is a list of countries doing better then everybody mainly because they approached this Pandemic differently than everybody else and they have socially responsible residents.

    A few of them have been popular destinations for the rich during this Pandemic although technically a few of those countries stated they don't have open borders to American travellers.


    Lets see if there will be a 2nd wave in many countries...hopefully not in any of the above countries shown in the image.

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    Total fake 2nd wave due to increased testing, increased deaths tests with past 28days as you know people die before covid and a few that had left the house in months catching it immediately as expected.

    Oxford vaccine adverse reaction put on hold, buy us sane people longer to convince snowflakes its not needed.

    Why waste a good feardemic!
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    Wrb, I don't care abt covid incidence, the main thing one has to protect against atm is anti covid measures
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    Not such a good news, several governments seem hellbent on keeping up restrictions until a vaccine is available to the local population
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    Brain Dead Pricks like him are the enemy, they are the 1's that have achieved bugger all and killed 1000's and put the world into a depression that'll kill millions more, but hey!! :(
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    Trying to fake the fear level to hide they've over reacted, caused untold damage for no reason and going to continue to do damage till a fake vaccine so they can claim they stopped the 2nd wave and get more power.

    Reality is, no 2nd wave, T-Cells in 80% of cases fight the virus without Antibodies so a antibody test with 20% infected means we are near 100%.
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    Lets put it this way, I remember when my kids were young and running around...

    It seem like a pain to keep reminding them to look both ways before crossing the street, never chase a ball that rolls into the street, put their seat belts on....

    Yet, regardless to the rules and their inconvenience...its survival.

    Back to your specific situation that's really the situation for anyone with a family and children or teenagers...

    Many places doing well with online learning hybrids, some not doing so well and others look like they've never heard of it and can not figure out how to do it. Kids get sick all the time...I know...I have kids too.

    I learned to network with other parents and used that network whenever my kids were home with the flu, gastro or injury. Its very useful for managing homework, exam preparation while away from school for whatever reasons.

    As traders that work from home...we have an advantage that most do not have except for other self-employed individuals that also work from home.

    Here in my area...a few new families to the area were complaining about "seating arrangements" on the school bus in which their child wasn't allow to seat anywhere they want. They thought its was impeding on the rights of their child when in reality its been used for +15 years in the private education system. :D

    Others now understand how useful that has now become during the current Pandemic whereas other school system that didn't use seat assignments on a school bus as a pain in the butt...anti-covid measure.

    My point...depending upon the school may seem like an anti-covid measure for you but someplace elsewhere...its normal practice for many years.

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