Creating a backup usb install for Windows 10 upgrade

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    Let's say you decided to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 from Windows 7. You need to both install from your computer, and then also create a Windows 10 usb thumb drive (needs to be 8 GB and blank).

    The install from your hard drive will not require a Windows activation key. Once you upgraded to Windows 10, you can find your NEW key using Belarc Advisor. Either write this new key on a piece of paper or backup to say Google Drive in case your hard drive dies and you need to replace it. The key say on the side of your computer WILL NOT work. I also used google drive to backup some of my data.

    So if you need to replace the hard drive, you can install from the USB thumb drive by pressing ESC and selecting it from the boot menu. When you are doing a clean install, Windows 10 will ask for the Windows 10 product key.

    Issues after upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7.

    1) Printer driver no longer works. Went to Cannon and downloading latest driver, Windows 10 can still not find the printer which is attached by usb cable even after manual install of driver. Only solution is to purchase new all in one laser printer. Looking to get a Wifi printer so all computers and Iphones can connect to it wirelessly.

    2) User account that I actually use with my name does not show up as computer went directly into default user account after setup where before both accounts show up at startup. I was able to solve this problem by signing out of the current account (don't shut down) and then seeing my old account which I signed into. I then set a user password for the default account and now both accounts show up at start and default one no longer automatically opens.

    3) During startup I did customize setting to turn off all spying but still got adds for Microsoft new version of Office. After using google, found that you can click on that app and nuke it by uninstalling it.

    4) Antivirus died but it told me to reinstall it which I did.

    If there are other issues, I may update this thread.
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    Don't bother, pretty much everyone I know ( I'm in IT ) is going back to 7 and even 8.1 eccks.

    Issues so far..........

    1. Just won't boot into windows for no reason ( 3 so far )
    2. Had 1, ask for a password to log on, no password was setup so couldn't, did find a work around though with some file renaming.
    3. Metro App's don't work right, like in 8.1 for Facebook and others, 1 mates gone back to 8.1

    It's not finished in short, early adopters are live bug testing it sadly!
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    Installing printers has always been finicky. It's not unique to w10. Even the manufacturer's recommended procedures are questionable. You could try removing the printer from the device manager and then physically unplugging it. Then uninstall the driver and any programs associated with it. Reboot. Reinstall the driver and software before plugging in the printer.
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    Using Windows 10 in 3 PCs without problems and absolutely loving it. Pre-ordered a Surface Book that arrives next week, and waiting impatiently.

    MSFT EPS were absolutely outstanding and guidance phenomenal.

    Only MSFT haters are hating MSFT at this point.

    Happy Halloween!
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    Don't get me wrong a lot of good parts on Win 8 and even 7, it's just not ready as not stable yet, that's not just my opinion, that's others in the profession to.

    Defo not a hater, they just released it to soon!
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  6. So it's going well? I was debating on installing it this morning. My laptops like 5 years old, im wanting to wipe it clean and start fresh to see if that gives it a little speed improvement. It just seems a bit bogged down. I don't have my backup disk for 7 so I figured might as well just step up to 10.
  7. Exactly.

    I have a friend who has to keep a +3000 pc network running. They will never upgrade within the first 2 years to a new version. And as they run all these pc's on MSFT software for many years, you cannot accuse them of being MSFT haters. What they do is based on real world events.
    Apps not running or not running correctly. Drivers not working or not available. Software from third parties that is not yet 100% compatible with W10.....

    They wait till the debuggers get out of job.
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    Ok, installed it on some older laptops with some issues that I have solved.

    1) Laptop has a bluetooth mouse, it no longer worked after upgrading the laptop to Windows 10. What's funny is yes, it's a Microsoft bluetooth mouse. Note, Dell does not provide Windows 10 drivers for their older laptops. Also, bluetooth was not even listed under device manager. However, from another computer company, I was able to get the newest bluetooth drivers and re-install bluetooth on the laptop to get the mouse to work. Note, it's not the mouse software that is the problem, but Windows 10 does not automatically update bluetooth itself when upgrading from Windows 7 for many computers.

    2) Another laptop had multiple problems including 100% CPU usage after upgrading. I narrowed down the problem to all of the non Windows 10 crap including computer manufacturer crap that is running when the computer starts and was able to disable and uninstall most of it. No reason to have a computer company's software on an older laptop when they don't support Windows 10 anyway. Probably would have been easier to uninstall it before upgrading. Also, I think Windows was trying to download large updates at the same time after I 1st upgraded to Windows 10. Also, getting rid of it speeds up Windows 10 start.
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    As noted you can go into privacy setting and turn off all the spying, but I did some research on the Internet and found that you also need to turn off letting Microsoft under updates send updates to other computers on the Internet from your computer. So I did that now.

    Also, I saw that Media Center may not work in Windows 10 so I downloaded an open source application to play my DVD's.
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    Update first! Then wipe and fresh install win 10
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