Creating a backup usb install for Windows 10 upgrade

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    Hi Oracle,

    need your advice on something off-topic but computer related. If I want to share my live desktop screen on my laptop with someone else over the internet, which free software would you recommend?

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    Nodoji used Skype to share the desktop screen with me once so I could see one of her trades.

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    Some new issues with Windows 10. 2 of my laptops were not able to fast shutdown and 1 of them was getting a low Windows memory error even though it was only using Firefox and had 4 GB of RAM. Due to this low memory issue which under feedback I see other users reported, I would suggest you don't upgrade to Windows 10 if you have less than 4 GB of RAM. Instead upgrade to at least 4 GB for a notebook and if a desktop, you should be able to easily upgrade to 8 GB.

    To solve the low memory issue, I did the following. I went into processes to see what was taking up so much memory. 1 of the problems I saw was Cortana. I can see why you might want to use it on a Window's phone, but I never wanted to use it on my computers, but it sits in RAM of at least 30 MB and is always on. I was able to get rid of it. I then saw my current antivirus program was taking up way too much memory so after uninstalling it, I searched for and installed a low memory anti-virus application. I also made changes to the virtual memory of Windows. I also choose Chrome instead of Firefox for the laptops. I was also able to get rid of some other junkware in memory. The new Edge Browser also looks good for those that want to use it. For my 8 GB desktop, I decided to use WaterFox which is a 64 bit version of Firefox. The desktop was not getting a low memory error but I wanted a faster browser. Finally, I decided to use LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Office since unlike Microsoft Office, it is free to use and works well and fast on Windows 10.

    Note the new November threshold 2 patches are out for Windows 10, but they may not automatically install due to the fact that your computer is given 30 days to roll back to Windows 7. However, you can manually install them, and they do make the computer more stable. After installing these patches, your computer will boot faster into Windows 10. However, Microsoft made a big mistake especially for older computers. Under change what power buttons due, "Turn on fast startup" is checked and greyed out. Instead of making the computers start faster it makes the computer slow to shut down or even not shut down. First make sure that under power button it says when I press the power button Windows shuts down. Then click change settings that are currently greyed out. Next, uncheck turn on fast startup. Some of these major patches may revert settings you previously set back to default so you should check again that all settings are how you want them.
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  4. I just upgraded from win 7 to Win 10 on my 5 yr old dell laptop a few days ago . No probs. Takes a few hours though.
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  5. Well I lasted about a week before I ran into apps not working on Win 10. Back to Win 7. Give softie credit though. The roll back process was painless and quite short.
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    I would if I was you contract the vendors of these apps and find out when or if they will be supporting Windows 10. I would assume eventually most apps will work with Windows 10 since all new computers will be running on it.

    On my desktop, I have a newer wireless usb card and it works with Windows 10. After making some configuration changes to the wireless router today, I was able to increase my wireless speed. However, my older notebook is still slow on Windows 10 and I heard some don't have the correct drivers for Windows 10. So I am going to try to buy a wireless AC adapter for the notebook and see if the speed is faster. If not I will return it, or I may try to do a wired connection for the notebook since its next to the router.
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    Mikogo - great tool for screen sharing / web conference free up to 3 participants - private & commercial use authorized - intuitive - easy to use - light on resources - great for meetings, training - cost effective if you require more than 3 participants...

    alternatives: gotomymeeting, teamviewer, logmein, skype
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    Windows 10 disconnecting from Wifi. I have disabled the power settings for the adapter so Windows can not power it down but every so often Windows 10 disconnects me from the Internet. I am using a TP Link 4U usb wireless adapter with the newest driver. To reconnect, I have to click on the Internet access icon on the bottom right. Then choose disconnect. Then reconnect manually for it to work. Also, sometimes in the morning I start the computer and get a ! icon saying the wireless internet is not working. I then click on the same access icon then manually disconnect and then reconnect and it works. I have reported this issue to Microsoft using their feedback option. I see other people having the same or worse problems. Hopefully, Microsoft will come up with an update to this issue.
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    I just saw this workaround on the Internet that may be helpful until or if Microsoft fixes this problem. I use Logitech wireless connect for my mouse so I don't need Bluetooth.

    "Amit ParasharThis solution helped me, give it a try.

    1 Press and hold the buttons “Windows” and “R”.
    2 Type in the box that pops up the word in quotes: “devmgmt.msc”.
    3 Under the topic “Bluetooth” you will need to disable everything you have there.
    4 Under the topic “Network Adapter” you will have to disable all the entries except the one for the Wireless adapter you have.
    5 Reboot the Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC or laptop.
    6 See if you have a stable wi fi connection after the restart."

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    New bug. I also sent this to feedback. I had a problem with a an app not loading. Not only would it not load, it made CPU go to 100% nor was I able to kill it with task manager. I had to restart the computer and then uninstall the app. Also, the only way to reinstall it was using run as Admin.
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