Creating a backup usb install for Windows 10 upgrade

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    On one of my laptops, the start button was not working for a user. I was able to fix this by deleting the account and files and recreating the account. If you have a similar problem, you may want to also back up all of the user data to google drive or a usb thumb drive 1st. I would always suggest backing up your data in case of a virus or a hard drive crash.
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    I think this thread is good for anyone that is having issues upgrading to Windows 10 to see what problems I had and what solutions I came up with. On another note I was able to select classic for Elite Trader on bottom left and now everything is easier to read. I see green and red colors so much better on the eyes.
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    The following may also help with wifi problems after upgrading to Windows 10. Note that if you have set a static ip address for your computer, you will need to either go back to an automatic ip and/or then reset it to a static ip address. I have gone back to automatic after applying these fixes to test. Open command prompt in Admin mode to apply these changes. These are 3 separate methods so try them 1 by 1 till u see an improvement. Restart the computer after each change.

    1) netsh int ip reset (this messes up static ip so beware)

    2) Make sure you have set your network adapters to not let windows turn off the power in adapter settings.

    3) netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled
    netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel = disabled
    netsh int tcp set global rss = enable

    4) To verify type netsh int tcp show global (also after each command is entered correctly you see the word ok displayed after pressing <Enter>).
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    There have been driver issues with the older wireless network adapters which may cause the computer to disconnect from the wireless router. I would suggest going to the manufacture website and download the 64 bit Windows 10 driver from them. If you have problems installing it, you may need to disable the driver, then delete it including the old driver software. Next restart the computer and under Device Manager install the new software from disk, and then it may ask you to restart the computer.

    Also, I have decided to let Windows 10 manage the Wireless settings. So using startup under Task Manager, I disabled the software utility that came with the original software. For me this was TWCU. So this crapware no longer loads when I boot up the computer. You don't need a usb wireless utility to manage your wireless connections for Windows 10.

    You also may need to turn off automatic driver installs during Windows updates to prevent Windows 10 from overriding this software.
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    After last patch update that was applied on 3/4/2016, both internal wireless and bluetooth stopped working for one of my dell laptop computers. In device manager, it says driver is working. Intel wireless centrio 6300 does not have a specific Windows 10 driver. I tried both the previous Dell intel driver and the Microsoft driver. I used a command prompt command that showed the hardware antenna was off. There is no actual antenna switch on the laptop. I also used the fn key f2 which did not work. I also verified airplane mode is not on. I also believe that I did nothing to turn off the wireless network card. It is off course possible that Microsoft updated the driver to something that did not work like they did on my desktop, but for the desktop I was able to install the correct Windows 10 driver and turn off automatic update device drivers. However, the Microsoft driver is a few month old so I don't think the driver was updated. I did a google search about the Intel Centrion 6300 and some have said that after a few months it stops working for Windows 10 so I don't know if that is the problem. I uninstalled the last patch to see if that would fix the problem, but it did not.

    Possible work around solution is that I am ordering a usb wireless network card from Amazon that says it has windows 10 drivers. I am also ordering a windows 10 compatible usb bluetooth card. Finally, I am ordering a usb hub since I am out of usb ports. Hopefully the external usb wireless network card will fix the problem. In BIOS which I just updated the wlan and bluetooth is turned on. I probably will just disable the old card in device manager before installing the external card.
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    Well, it suddenly started to work so I don't need to order those things from Amazon. I started the laptop in battery mode. I wanted to troubleshoot the bluetooth problem and went to device manager to see if the bluetooth drivers were there. After clicking on them, it started to work. I was then able to connect to my wireless router and entered the password so the laptop was now also seeing the router. I am not sure if removing the patch also helped. I verified that I am using the microsoft driver for the network card.

    I then selected not to update my device drivers during a Windows update. I then also selected metered connection so hopefully I will not install any updates for awhile. I don't use this laptop much anyway. Previously, I also set ip address for automatic so maybe that also helped. I also created a restore point which is something I usually do after making multiple changes to windows.
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    Recently I have been unable to shut down the computer. When I click shutdown, computer says shutting down but actually never does. I have seen other people having this error, so this is how I was able to get my computer to shut down without reverting back to Windows 7 or holding down on the power button, plus it also sped up the shutdown process. This problem in Windows 10 and sometimes in Windows 8 is caused by the Hybrid Shutdown process Microsoft decided to create for their operating system even though I don't see a good reason to have a hybrid shutdown system.

    So these are the following steps:

    Using admin command prompt:

    1) bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes

    2) powercfg h off
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    I have never experienced this problem with W-10 Home Edition, and it would make me insane.
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    Installed a clean Windows 10 install on Dell desktop from 2008 that had been running Vista. The computer is super fast now and really just as fast as my other brand new computer runnning Windows 10. Really nice. I believe we have reached a point in technology in computers where you will be able to use the same devices for much longer--
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    That's essentially what I did with my two 2010 vintage Lenovo S20 ThinkStation workstations. I upgraded internal HDDs and installed external 4TB backup drives. Maxed out at 24GB RAM. Bought W-10 Home Edition for the OS, Kaspersky for security and Macrium Reflect for the back-ups. It has been running great and I am totally pleased. Backed up my old HDD and basically did a clean steel install.
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