Creating a backup usb install for Windows 10 upgrade

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by oraclewizard77, Oct 24, 2015.

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    What was total cost of renovation?
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  2. bone

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    The Kingston 4GB RAM modules were $20 each, The PCI Express USB 3.0 Card for the external HDD was $52, The Seagate 4TB SSHD internal HDD was $180, The Seagate external 4TB BackupPlus drive was $120, Windows 10 Home Edition 64bit was $110, Macrium Reflect Personal License was $70, and I pay $75 for Kaspersky service including backup disc and extended download service for 2 computers for 2 years.

    Since my computer was a little older, wanted to do the USB 3.0 upgrade for the external HDD. USB 3.0 has a transfer rate of 4.8 Gbps vs a transfer rate for USB 2.0 of 480Mbps. Seagate included the USB 3.0 cable in the BackupPlus box, which is nice because they are not cheap. I bought the HDD's directly from Seagate because 1. the shipping was free, and 2. warranty non-issues.

    So, my workstations are running great and am happy.
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    That computer will last a long long time. Do you really need Kaspersky now with windows 10?
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    Well, Windows Defender just plain sucks and you need something pretty good these days in terms of anti-virus and external exploitation protection. PC Mag and CNET rate Windows Defender as the worst. I have used Norton for several years but wanted to try Kaspersky given their universally high independent test lab ratings.

    I view it as cheap insurance and a mandatory business expense.
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    This may be a ninjatrader bug or a Windows 10 bug. You can't uninstall Ninja Trader 8 using the standard settings searching for add remove programs.

    Instead right click the start menu:

    2) then left click control panel

    3) then click on program and features.

    4) then find ninjatrader 8 and uninstall it.
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  6. You only THINK you turned off ALL the spying. You only turned off what they allow you to turn off. If you run a packet sniffer on your network you will still see your computer periodically uploading data it has collected to's just less than it would have if you didn't turn those settings off. Cotana is the worst if you left that enabled, and may still be even when disabled since it still runs and auto-restarts if you kill it's process.
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    As noted in previous posts I did disabled Cortana and am not allowing the computers to do peer to peer patch sheering over the Internet, plus on one laptop I even put on a metered connection so that updates don't install automatically. Cortana is junk for computers no reason to have it when you can just use google plus its a memory hog.

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  8. All of that is great, but it does not "stop the spying", it just reduces it.
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    Had some issues with starting up the computer and it not working right and having to hard shutdown and restart. So I went through the event viewer logs and found some errors that I was able to correct that seemed to help with the issue.
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    I downloaded the fresh install version of Win10 on two computers, desktop and laptop. I installed both in virtual machines via VMWare Player. I was favorably impressed that I was able to install critical software that I couldn't get to work on Win8. So I am confident I can switch to Win10 if I need to, such as when it's time to replace my aging hardware. I'll probably stay with Win7 until then (maybe in 2020).
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